Several beekeepers around the U.S. cope with colony collapse disorder - the phenomenon that has caused millions of bees to mysteriously disappear.

Several beekeepers around the U.S. cope with colony collapse disorder - the phenomenon that has caused millions of bees to mysteriously disappear. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tadesse T (de) wrote: Kaos direction for the latest installment in the Tekken motion picture line is not only dry but is almost painful to sit though. This adaptation of the popular video game series not only removes the few interesting aspects from its predecessors but manages to add nearly every cliche possible from a story about a fighter who loses his memory. This entire movie can almost be seen outside of the tekken continuity as our protagonist goes 95% of the movie before learning anything. The story of lone fighter attempting to ascertain his history while falling in love with a female nurse with only fifteen minutes of screen time. Kosugi provides the audience a numb performance in which he has less range than a farmer on a 10x10 parcel of farmland. Each scene is forced and uncomfortable for what seems to be the actor, his cast and the audience. Wenham and Hiroyuki deliver equally poor performances. The plot of this story seems stuck in one place for the majority of the film with no attempt to move forward, the story begins to focus on smaller obstacles for the protagonist and seems to completely forget the main story until the last ten minutes. The silver lining found in this film is found in the numerous hand-to-hand combat scenes in which Kosugi thrives.TT

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