Color Me Blood Red

Color Me Blood Red

Gore specialist H.G. Lewis' gruesome tale of an artist who becomes a success after using human blood in his paintings.

The monstrous artist finds that human's blood is the right shade of red. He comes up with an intention to kill people for their blood, then use it in his painting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Color Me Blood Red torrent reviews

Justin G (ru) wrote: Interesting doc on Netflix.

Andrea G (fr) wrote: The only good thing I can say about this studio in regards to this franchise is that at least they haven't sold the rights to Platinum Dunes.

Benjamin O (nl) wrote: Instantly forgotten.

Virginie G (es) wrote: A little bit too long, but great story, great script, great actors - and God knows I don't like Cotillard!!, great soundtrack, and awesome dialogue. Canet is brilliant.

Mirkku S (it) wrote: Making Mater the main character was a horrible mistake. It was fun to see the expanded car-universe, but everything else about this film was just bad.

Simon D (fr) wrote: A star studded film about American football. It's bearable but as forgettable as all of the others.

Robert L (de) wrote: Favorite high school movie of all time 2 thumbs up.

Jack K (au) wrote: I watched this because i was enticed that it was awarded best foreign film of 1997 by the American film critic association (or something like that) so I was open to something different. It was a very engulfing movie that tried to get you to feel for the characters, but mainly Igor...and i didn't really care. There was no music so u really had to get involved with Igor and his moral decisions, and you wanna commend him on them but again I just didn't care. Great direction but there's absolutely no score wich kinda gets ur mind wandering from the main points of the movie...interesting story but I lost interest but stayed with glad i ventured into this film

Fubee M (ag) wrote: Mesmerizing, completely original film.

Gary S (ru) wrote: Very slow but built up to a good middle but then the end boom just over like that. Could have potentially been so much more.