Color Me Dead

Color Me Dead

A man discovers that he has been deliberately poisoned and hasn't long to live. In the short time he has left, he determines to find out who poisoned him and why.

A man discovers that he has been deliberately poisoned and hasn't long to live. In the short time he has left, he determines to find out who poisoned him and why. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wesley W (kr) wrote: Not that good of a portrayal of the Lincoln assassination in my opinion. The acting here isn't terrible but it just wasn't interesting to watch these unknown actors play these people. First off the actor playing John Wilkes Booth just had a weird voice but he did good on doing the stuff he did in the documentary. The actor playing Abraham Lincoln wasn't memorable and it felt like he was going through the motions to get to his death in the film. Everybody else was forgettable as well. Before watching this I watched Steven Spielburg's Lincoln, that movie had top class acting, a very spot on portrayal of Abraham Lincoln, and had top notch directing. When watching this after watching Lincoln, I can see very easily that the acting here was a major step down. I'm not comparing this entirely to Lincoln, I just thought that the documentary could have had better portrayals of characters. Things I liked about the movie was Tom Hanks narrating it and towards the end it was very interesting to see what had happened to John Wilkes Booth after he had assassinated President Lincoln. Overall it wasn't a bad documentary, I just thought it could have been better than it was. There is a TV movie called The Day Lincoln Was Shot, it was a film that is also over the Lincoln assassination. I found it to be a close to great film with a better portrayal of both Abraham Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth and it has an emotional impact that I found to be absent throughout Killing Lincoln.

Jason L (kr) wrote: I really tried to find some saving grace in this picture. My biggest problem here is that I do not see how you get away with giving Corey Feldman top billing in this movie when he is literally only in the ENTIRE movie for like maybe 10 minutes...and that is most likely stretching it. It is really quite unfair to do this with what most people will buy the movie for and that is to see Corey Feldman's latest work. Then you just do not get it because he is hardly in the thing. For you Feldman fans out there do not waste your time on this one. The movie is choppy at best. Bad special effects, bad lighting, bad acting, plot is all over the place. The final edit of the film is terrible. The sad thing is Feldman is a decent actor and given more than 10 minutes of Feldman face time (give or take) this movie with some rewrites and more direction had some promise. Just to put him as top billing hardly have him in it and then role one of his songs at the end that almost sounds like a Michael Jackson imitation is just sad and leaves fans and horror fans such as myself very disappointed indeed, and with the feeling they got swindled. Why Feldman would associate himself with a project like this and promote it on his website knowing he is hardly in it upsets me as a fan as well.

Fahad H (us) wrote: i recommend you to watch this Thai movie! its great! Ganda ni Natt!haha :DD

Timoteo B (kr) wrote: While this movie is a bit creepy I liked that it took a chance to explore the aging body and human sexual desire for older skin. While we all need to be loved and touched seeing a handsome young man kiss an aged black man in a nursing home put me off a bit. Then I thought, God be good to me and allow love one more time for this aging body of mine.

Richard P (nl) wrote: Very cool movie. Fantastic backdrop and well directed. Oh Canada!

Mike C (us) wrote: Probably best avoided

Jeff Y (jp) wrote: This movie starts out wierd and stays that way to the end. I like Jessica Alba, J. K. Simmons and John Shea, but not in this movie. Anything else they have done is way better.

Stphane B (ca) wrote: I was expecting a lot more from this one... But instead of getting a fresh and original approach to the subject (as was the case for the awesome "Exorcism of Emily Rose"), all we get here are lame cliches after lame cliches... and the acting was really horrible too... My only ray of hope was with Jeffrey Combs, but it ends up he plays about 5 minutes in the entire film... Very disapointing...

Pavan R (it) wrote: Quite a poor story which i feel lacked direction...neither the director nor the writer i think knew where they wanted the story to go...

Steve O (br) wrote: great movie. stockwell & welles (the later as the pairs defence attorney) both give great performances.

Sonia S (gb) wrote: I just watched the movie "Seven Pounds". I liked it, even though it's depressing since it has a very sad ending, and it made me cry. Needed a handful of tissues to dry my tears. But I thought that the actors did a good job, and the story wasn't bad. Yeah, in real life what happened in this story is very unlikely to happen, since there's probably no one that would be that good and self sacrificing. But so are most stories you read in books, unless they are real life account. Yes, the movie can feel morose, but the depression it shows is realistic. Yes, the subject matter is morbid and the religious people will condemn it as immoral and sinful in the eyes of God. Who cares. I like movies that engage my emotions and give me hope that there might actually be human beings worthy of breathing the air they breathe. At first I gave it 4 stars, which is twice a much as most critics and some viewers have rated it. But wasn't sure about the logic of one aspect of the story. So being the nerd that I am, I checked out online to see if it was plausible, and confirmed that it's not, so it has a major error that in real life would greatly affect the outcome of the story. But yeah, it's just a movie, so most people will suspend disbelief or not even notice how illogical the last part of the story is. But because of this error I I lowered my score of it to 3.5 stars. Seems most people don't like it because it's morose or depressing and has a very sad ending, and usually I dislike such movies, but I still found the story and actors engaging. It's a good movie, even with the error in the plot, though would have been much better without the it. The viewers that did like the movie, like I did, like it a lot and recommend it. - I wanted to know what's the meaning of the title so I looked it up. The title refers to Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, in which a debtor must pay a pound of flesh.