A woman discovers that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown from which she's suffering.

Gloria (Anne Hathaway) is an out-of-work girl who, after getting kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend, is forced to leave her life in New York and move back to her hometown. When news reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, South Korea, Gloria gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to his far-off phenomenon. As events begin to spin out of control, Gloria must determine why her seemingly insignificant existence has such a colossal effect on the fate of the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anannya S (mx) wrote: I can watch it anytime of the day .. lovely movie

Richard I (fr) wrote: It's basically Brief Encounter meets Un Coeur en Hiver, and the reason I learned French. A mesmerising star-crossed lovers story where everyone is grown up enough to do the right thing, however hard.

Daniel M (au) wrote: It starts off interesting, grabbing your attention but seems to lose it here and there. Never fear, it quickly grabs your attention, mind, and your heart and doesn't let go until the end.

Dustin D (ca) wrote: Fun movie with off-the-walls humor. The laughs compensate for the thoroughly predictable narrative arc.

Amanda (kr) wrote: Well... I guess you can say this movie was pretty retarded. Awful some parts, decent others. Predictable some times. It was okay for the most part, painful to watch though. Was pretty funny at parts, but pretty much a pointless kinda movie.

Hugh H (jp) wrote: Brilliant and wacky. Incredible idea that has been executed beautifully. Gibson Frazier in the lead is astonishingly good and channels Cary Grant in His Girl Friday better than anyone I have ever seen. Well worth seeing if you love New York and/or screwball comedies. Hughly recommended!

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Eh, I had hopes for this as Gibson was funny as a raging loon. But then it just got so over-the-top even with the movie trying to prove its point.

August M (nl) wrote: Two beautiful love stories that left me feeling quite melancholy but certainly satisfied. Kar-Wai continues to impress me with his fantastic visuals and quirky characters. Supposedly, Tarantino cried like a baby watching this movie. Not because he felt it was sad but because he never imagined he would love a film so much. While I wasn't as emotionally won over as he was, I still loved it and it brought out different emotions in me.

Harry W (ru) wrote: Inchon is too good looking in it's many battle sequences to be considered one of the worst films ever made, but considering the misappropriated budget overruns reminiscent of Apocalpyse Now!, yet resulting in a bigger flop than Heaven's Gate, it's easy to see why some would consider it that bad.Of course, at least Inchon has plenty of good looking battle sequences which in honesty is one of the many reasons i watch war films. I mean, the general quality of the war scenes is just top notch and is exactly where the massive budget went into, and it comes off looking mostly very good.The musical score is also very good.On the largely negative side, Laurence Olivier gives his worst performance yet in a disturbingly unemotional role, considering he's in a war setting and considered one of the all time greatest male actors. I mean, his performance wasn't as bad as the ones in Pearl Harbour, but Laurence Olivier's emotionless and poorly delivered monologue when General Douglas MacArthur is at the lighthouse summarises the weakness his role in Inchon.The surrounding drama in Inchon is just poorly delivered and it's intention to explore how it affected various characters is a promise not kept due to the major focus on the war over any characters and so the intention becomes all too forgettable. It's also obvious that Inchon struggles to tell it's story because the editors have titles imposed on the screen to clarify just what's going on, and in the end we actually don't know.Inchon also has complicated cinematography, terrible audio quality and poor lighting. Plus, eventually it just becomes boring and tedious to watch.But i've never seen a korean war film in my life, and although it only approrpiated the battle sequences properly, it was definetely interesting to see and miles away from being as horrible as so many critics claim it to be.

Jacob M (br) wrote: When looking at the greatest performers who ever lived, one who would definitely be near the top of the list is Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock and Roll." While I was born long after his death in 1977, I do strongly believe that Elvis's music is pure gold in the development of rock music. "The King" also succeeded well in the film world, with his most famous film being the one I'm about to review, Jailhouse Rock, named after the awesome song about a "warden who threw a party in the county jail". And while the story is clichd and sometimes cheesy to experience, Jailhouse Rock is a fun Elvis film, and is an entertaining look at the development of celebrity stardom.In Jailhouse Rock, Elvis plays Vince Everett, a young, tough, and "dangerous" country boy who ends up in prison after accidentally killing a man in self-defense. In prison, Vince develops a bond with cellmate and former country singer Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy), who suggests Vince that he should perform in the prison show. When that goes over well, Vince decides to perform for a living, and after being released from jail sentence, he teams up with music expert and attractive Peggy Van Alden (Judy Tyler) to achieve success in the music industry. After a failed attempt at making a hit, the two decide to form their own record company, and there, Vince goes huge in the market, but his fame cause Vince to go overboard in his wealth and attitude.Obviously we know how the story is going to end, cause the film stars the great Elvis Presley, where he becomes a singing sensation and becomes a nicer man. This is a very predictable story, and in a couple of places, becomes very goofy at times, especially in a scene involving Elvis in a "life-threatening" situation with his voice. I didn't feel moved here cause I already knew how it was going to end even without watching it. But why do I still give it a fresh score? Well, it's the personality of the great rock icon that makes Jailhouse Rock an enjoyable film and not a disappointing failure like Kissin' Cousins was.When watching Jailhouse Rock. I was surprised at the rough side of Elvis in this one. When watching some of his other films, like Kissin' Cousins, Elvis portrayed a nice man who has plenty of charm to impress women and always sung in places of love. Here, Elvis plays a selfish and greedy man who takes advantage of women, is obsessed with money, and only cares about himself. What fascinated me about Elvis's performance is that while he played a rude and selfish celebrity, I was still impressed with Elvis's personality and charisma presented on screen. Also impressive is Judy Tyler's role as the love interest. She may not be the greatest actress in the world, like Ingrid Bergman or Judy Garland, but Tyler managed to act well with Elvis in the cheesy, predictable moments I mentioned earlier. It's sad that she died not too long after production cause I felt she would have had a strong career after this film. What makes Jailhouse Rock different from other musicals, particularly Elvis films, is that all the songs are performed either on stage or in the studio, kind of similar to the musical numbers in the even more excellent film Yankee Doodle Dandy. It's these songs that makes Jailhouse Rock worth watching, and make Jailhouse Rock the entertaining film it is. Songs include the catchy "Treat Me Nice", the fun "You're So Square", the awesome ballad "Don't Leave Me Now", and of coarse, the excellent title number, "Jailhouse Rock", featuring awesome choreography that Elvis staged himself! It's easily the most fun sequence in the whole movie, and makes the whole film worthwhile, even for non-Elvis fans who can't stand the lip-motions, the hip-shaking, or the vocals.While the story is very goofy in places and extremely predictable about a man's rise to stardom after serving time in prison, Elvis's surprisingly rough and "dangerous" side performance and the musical numbers makes Jailhouse Rock one of the more entertaining Elvis films out there. If you're wondering why Elvis was the excellent entertainer he was, then Jailhouse Rock is the proof of discovery.

Eric B (de) wrote: Excellent western with mystical overtones, Charlie Bronson is awesome as Wild Bill Hickock and the rest of the cast is great too ....highly recommended