Colpi di luce

Colpi di luce

A crazed physician invents a death ray and threatens to destroy San Francisco unless he is paid $10 million.

A crazed physician invents a death ray and threatens to destroy San Francisco unless he is paid $10 million. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(br) wrote: It is good to know that the real-life James and his cat Bob found a proper home and future for themselves. Based on their story, this film traces the events that led to them coming to public attention - James' drug addiction and life on the streets of a cold and miserable London, Bob's adoption of James, their friends and foes, James' struggle to get clean and to look after Bob, and some great strokes of luck. The film however struggles with an unlikely combination, Trainspotting meets Disneyland animal hero story. That's a big ask. James looks suitably dishevelled but is a romantic character. The two heroes have to overcome many bittersweet challenges, and James' love interest is a princess-like young woman. On the other hand, the drug and street scenes are gritty: not at all like the smoother trials of a Disney cartoon. The cat is not a virtual human - its performances are naturalistic, with not many special tricks, and the character is more about how an everyday animal helps people. Consider carefully whether to take children along, as this isn't just a cute animal show, the cat theme only goes so far, and you will have to explain the drug scenes. To manage such disparate elements, the film needed to be decisive - sharply focused, written, directed, edited and acted particularly in the main roles. Though the story is charming, the end product is a little bemusing and corny. The heroes' rescue and success are the exceptions that prove the harsh rule of life on the streets.

Alana F (us) wrote: Ya know, this could have been a hell of a lot worse... ... ... It was the stupid first person camera style that crapped it up.

Mariah B (us) wrote: Lies In Plain Sight is entertaining yet sickening. Not knowing what the movie was about, it captured my attention quickly but also confused me through out the movie. The characters seemed to have great chemistry together and it was easy to pick what characters you were for and against. Overall the message of the story was shocking but is sadly a common thing in this world. My reccomendation: Its worth the time

Ilya K (it) wrote: A film that Joseph Goebbels would admire...

Jeff T (us) wrote: Disjointed storyline where Drunken Fist doesn't even come into play until the last 2/3 of the movie. Had it stuck with just the revenge storyline of Su Can fighting Yuan, it would've been fine. After killing Yuan, the story takes a dive and now they decide to focus on Drunken Fist?? Su Can learns Drunken Fist from another is that inventing it? The final fight scene is reminiscent of Jet Li's Fearless...Chinese vs foreign fighters...played out.

Jimmy V (gb) wrote: The most disappointing over hyped movie I have seen in decades .A blatant attempt to emulate Hellraiser which fails miserably . The only good part in this is the credits at the end because at least it's all over . Avoid this debacle at all costs .

Willem V (fr) wrote: The CGI is something to get used to, but the movie's still very funny. It's still really Garfield as the story was written by Jim Davis. I would have loved to see this one in it's 3D version.

Mariam S (fr) wrote: Gr8 movie.. Combination of horror n comedy makez it sound soo freakin cool ;)

Eric H (ag) wrote: Mean Creek is simplistic in style, but rich with fully developed characters and a deeper plot than what is seen on the surface. The underlying reality of human nature and how it effects the happenings in this story give it a some what poi ant plot that is not only entertaining but true. This is absolutely one of the best male adolescence/growing up stories ever told and is a sure classic. The collaboration of all elements of this movie falling into place is so apparent throughout its presentation (its very solid and you can tell there is a real communication between the director and actors that most films lack). The quality of the young actors generates a future generation of leading males in much larger projects.

T W (us) wrote: Manhunt the best kind of action movie

Valerie G (it) wrote: It's been a long time since I've seen this, but as I recall the situational comedy is downright painful to watch!

Private U (it) wrote: so at first you really just want to walk out of the theatre and get your money back... by but the end you're pleading for more [in a thick russian accent of course]. the subtitles were riddled with errors, the plot never came, on the whole, not once could you make any sense of it, but the jokes were so outrageous that you can't help but LOVE zero city. high fives on this

Bryan M (es) wrote: The situation isn't particularly realistic. A woman who communicates with her bank clients by computer (before the age of the internet took off), Terry Doolittle (Whoopi Goldberg) finds herself drawn in over her head into a dangerous game of espionage. We can almost forgive the silly plot, because Whoopi Goldberg is so much fun to watch in it. All the same, it makes for a thin action-comedy.

Christopher S (au) wrote: Above-average Jess Franco exploitation film, rising (slightly) above his usual incompetence for an espionage thriller that manages to be moderately entertaining. The story is incomprehensible, the acting is awful (though Soledad Miranda's presence is always welcome), and it succumbs to Franco's usual excessive camera zoom frenzy - but it is fast-paced and set to an offbeat 70s pop soundtrack that makes it watchable.

Oliver B (us) wrote: This is good, thoughtful, 'what if' courtroom thriller stuff. Will seem slow today but it's well worth the effort.

William R (ca) wrote: He has a woman suck a bullet out of him, thats gold Steve, Gold!

Daisy M (us) wrote: just too slow for me to enjoy. hated everyone at wrenwood. julianne moore was great and should have remained the focus until the end, but she kind of got pushed to the side in the second half of the movie i felt.

Mike W (es) wrote: Excellent film, incredibly well-acted and believable. However the pacing is poor, the cinematography bizarre and the direction baffling.

Monty D (nl) wrote: Long but extremely entertaining and well made. One of kubricks best

Tom P (de) wrote: Has a distinctly amateur feel to this, from the sfx to the story to the acting. I didn't care about the mystery and unanswered questions.