Coluche: l'histoire d'un mec

Coluche: l'histoire d'un mec

October 1980. Michel Colucci, better known as Coluche, is the French people's favorite comedian. He performs every night to a packed house at the Théâtre du Gymnase. One day, always ...

October 1980. Michel Colucci, better known as Coluche, is the French people's favorite comedian. He performs every night to a packed house at the Théâtre du Gymnase. One day, always ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alejandro G (kr) wrote: An outstanding, emotionally charged romanian film that shows frankly the painful truth in many relationships. Human reactions are portrayed in a very natural way, during long and beautifully crafted takes. A must see if you are into a less commercial, more interesting cinema.

Fiona N (it) wrote: it was ok...I really don't think Helen Hunt should play the protagonist tho.

Steven P (jp) wrote: Great movie. Based on great TV show.I wish there was a sequel to the movie and / or the TV show was brought back

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James H (jp) wrote: 62/100. I liked this better than I probably should have, I am partial to courtroom dramas, perhaps also it was Sidney Lumet's direction. Don Johnson is quite good and well cast. Rebecca DeMornay is fair, she does the job but doesn't stand out. I did find it suspenseful and I never lost interest. It had the expected twists,and it did go a little too far with the story. Otherwise, good story.

Mithun M (ca) wrote: Typical Bollywood drama ....One of my favorites from my childhood!!

CJ C (gb) wrote: I liked this better then the first film. Simple story, but Albin as an Italian woman was too funny.

Tim S (gb) wrote: Manic, incomprehensible art-house shite. A must-see!

Private U (gb) wrote: I LOVED this as a teen...remember watching it at Kim's for the first time and I was hooked. Totally cheesy but every teen girl's dream!

John K (mx) wrote: Just proves that rockstars can't act.

Barbara J (fr) wrote: Easily Seagal's best action flick.

TheJimbobs123 (ca) wrote: Good acting, but a bit slow not a great deal of suspense. A lot of unexplained parts to storyline particularly with character relationships although a good ending.