Come Away Home

Come Away Home

Twelve-year-old Annie Lamm's first day of summer break quickly turns into a disaster. She realizes that her parents have not only decided to fly her to Hilton Head Island during their second honeymoon, but they also plan to coerce her to spend half her summer with her 76-year-old Grandpa Donald whom she hardly even knows.

A friendship develops when 12-year-old Annie is coerced to stay with her Grandpa Donald. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (fr) wrote: Greatcast. Funny script, heartfelt, enjoyable movie. Good chemistry between the cast too. A solid directorial debut for John Krasinski as well.

Jeremy C (fr) wrote: This one was really bad. I of course bated it.GRADE:D

Jim H (kr) wrote: Not a scary movie at all, more of a comedy. The acting in this is awful, and the storyline is not exactly wonderful.

Laila K (jp) wrote: hey wait, have i seen this??

bill b (kr) wrote: its an ok film nothing memorable

Lorraine J (de) wrote: If you've never seen a modern Jamaican film, check this one out. If you have a hard time understanding the accents, put on the subtitles for clarity. The music rocks!

Ali T (gb) wrote: even though the movie is based on a real event the love store itself came across very unrealistic a peasant man who goes for a bougie woman who is married to a prestigious man fall in love. so they really basing this off of love at first sight I don't buy into that movies kind of boring as well the ending was a beautiful scenery and the most action in the whole movie this is a love story which is not my genre of movies but if it's yours you may have a good time

Jonathan H (nl) wrote: This is pretty bad from almost every movie-making perspective. The only positive thing noteworthy is that the main characters appear to be trying very hard; they actually appear to be trying to act well. The problems are many - a tired premise, unnecessary over-reactions to some situations, inappropriate under-reactions to others, poor dialogue, disjointed scenes, unevolved characterization, some poor camera shots (a couple surprisingly good considering the whole), sound-in-space illogic, and a wholly unsurprising finale. So much suspension of disbelief is required (such as the level of security at a critical government agency), the viewer will give up early and take none of this seriously. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. This has to have been cheaply made and looks to be a film school project. At least it is short at 1:13.

Mikhail B (nl) wrote: This movie epitomises the lack of the common concept, its story jumps from a hard life narrative to a love story and then to a clumsy action, it is full of inconceivably bad pop music, its cast is well below the floor, all except the main character performed by Kevin Bacon. But if you are not indifferent to cycling there is one thing you may like... There is an instance in the movie, at approximately 30th minute, when the protagonist recalls his feelings about riding a bike in the city - when you move in the opposite direction along a well-known one-way street. Those bike enthusiasts who ever experienced that won't fail to confirm this remark. If encouragement in biking is all you expect in this movie, you'll be sure to avoid disillusionment. I, for instance, bought a bike right after having seen Quicksilver (1986), and never regret it since.

David L (ca) wrote: Great social view of humans on film. :)

Doug M (mx) wrote: Excellent movie. Asa Butterfield is brilliant.

Ian C (jp) wrote: Bryan Singer directs Stephen Kings novella about the relationship between a teenage boy and an evil Nazi war criminal. McKellen gives one of his finest performances and is magnificent as the ageing as the former death camp commander.

John B (it) wrote: Cute and charming love story to watch and especially if you're a Red Sox fan