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Come Closer

Come Closer is about intimacy; A feature essay that focuses on human behavior, offering a glimpse into people's private lives.

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  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English,Arabic
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Come Closer is about intimacy; A feature essay that focuses on human behavior, offering a glimpse into people's private lives

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Users reviews

Antonia P (us)

Love this film but I hate that there is a dog in this film ??

critical m (ca)

That's why the book appeals to intellects and was a best seller, and the film will be just another forgotten Hollywood summer flick thrown together to squeeze cash from high school boys. Whereas the book cleverly weaves the actual biography of Abraham Lincoln with fantasy, the film carelessly mashes the two together and soils the fascinating story of Abraham Lincoln's life In the book the silly idea of vampires being real makes beautiful love with actual historical facts, In the film, however, it rapes them. The film is absolutely nothing like the original story. I write this as a fan of the book

Gracie A (gb)

. . but gross. . . it was funny. . . hmmm

Kilo D (ca)

So, what then, is good about this cheap, rip-off flick? If one puts aside the fact that the djinn has the face of Freddy, the voice of the Candyman, and the wit of Tyler Perry, surprisingly, and maybe, they can sink in their seats and laugh, for "Wishmaster", with its myriad list of flaws, is meant as cheap entertainment with no originality but a hell of a lot of gore, blood, and good makeup effects that smother over the cheese - the cheese, though, still finds room to leak, and oh, does it leak out often. On the note of displaying things, why show the creature almost-always in daytime, in not-too-dim light, sunlight, or scorching studio lights? Showcasing the creature too early ruined a chance of the creature, a djinn, to be scary to even the youngest of viewers, to say nothing of the djinn's one-liners so atrocious I can only suspect and hope they were an afterthought. Moreover, one thing that could have catapulted this movie from b-movie trash to an OK b-movie is to cast a different actress as the lead, Alex, for Tammy Lauren is painful to watch, a performance that's cold and removed and, naturally, results in the viewer just wanting to see her inside's displayed on a wall. In fact, cheese and gore is essentially all that this movie has going for it. And that's the target audience for "Wishmaster" and in that sense it works on providing some decent cheese and colorful gore. When "Wishmaster" first found its way into theaters I enjoyed it- I was also a pre-teen. Wes Craven presents and Robert Kurtzman directs "Wishmaster", a movie so uninspired I lost track of its own ridiculousness and tried to ride along

Mar000 P (au)

CE AND GUD FILM. . . . . UUUUFF:::!!!:

mikel w (jp)

Maybe it will be beginning of long and fairy-tale love story. That's why let's use our chance to know each other better. But its better to see opportunity than to see problems. Of course there is a lot of things that should fall in place to make a happy relation. We people can not predict what is going to happened in the future, but if we don't take chances and believe in our possibilities,we maybe regret us later and then its too late. I am just a loving, caring, romantic man who want to share his love with someone who would appreciate it totally and not take it for granted at all. I am a straight forward man who doesn't have to play games and beat around the bush to gain anything. I will give him love, attention, lots of affection, passion, romance and lots of tender care. My name is mikel, I am 41 and I am here to meet my future wife, soulmate, best friend, companion who I want to share my live with. Maybe it was sign of Destiny that I have found your profile and this event can change our lifes? So give me chance to introduce myself. If you are in good mood and it seams that butterflies flit in your belly maybe you'll share your enthusiasm with me, lonely boy who dreams about only one special person. If you are tired and nothing pleases you I want that this letter will help you to forget about all problems and troubles and fill your heart with lightness and positive emotions. Hello,dear!!! I don't know how are you today

Mohammed S (ru)

I would reccomend this to all my friends, and even people who don't know Hindi should find a a DVD with subtitles. This movie was the 4th highest grossing film of 2007 in India, and has won numerous awards numerous awards (including eight for Best Film). A nice movie, which proves that sports is not all about men

Niklas J (br)

Just a fantastic piece of cartoon art! Here more than 40 years after it would still stand out with it's originality had it been produced to day

Ravan Florentin P (ru)

geniusand genius OST

Robert C (gb)

Despite some painful jokes and unsettling visuals, the Grinch is still charming, and Jim Carrey's Looney Tune performance steals the show