Come Fly with Me

Come Fly with Me

Three air-hostesses combine their work crossing the Atlantic with searching for a rich handsome man to marry

Three air-hostesses combine their work crossing the Atlantic with searching for a rich handsome man to marry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben L (es) wrote: I love the look of the future back in 80s movies, and The Running Man has to be the most 80s-looking future I've ever seen. There's some serious camp in this film and I imagine people who didn't grow up in my generation would find it too silly to enjoy. I actually have fun with the over-the-top nature of the movie, and think it just adds to the story. The world they created in this film is one that might be a little off in its prediction of the future, but not as much as the writers probably expected. We might not be watching people actually being killed on reality TV, but consistent public humiliation of people is featured on TV every single night for our entertainment. Schwarzenegger is great in the lead role, and he is definitely convincing as a man who could easily fight back against the game. My only problem with him is that he can't really pull off the sadness you'd expect when he loses his companions. He moves on too quick and easily. But when we look at the cast, I honestly struggle to think of someone who was better casting than Richard Dawson. His experience on actual game shows makes him an ideal person for the role. And what surprised me was how perfectly he captured the behind-the-scenes persona who cares more about ratings than human life. He is the perfect characterization of someone who we can hate, but believe that the home audience would love. The story of The Running Man is more fun than it has any right to be, and somehow I can overlook a lot of the logical inconsistencies in it. This is a movie that was perfect for my generation, and even though I'm seeing it for the first time nearly 30 years after its original release, I still enjoyed it a lot.

Kalamr G (ag) wrote: haven't seen anything not even similar to this, it's like when I met the Antwoord

Jason R (de) wrote: Only because @Julie wants to see it.

Annai I (au) wrote: beautiful story and well chosen characters

LiZ K (ag) wrote: I think this will be hillarious!

Tom S (ru) wrote: When Betty's psychopath mother visits and Betty's son is accidentally killed, the crazy mother naturally kidnaps a lookalike to make up for it. Besides that the film offers subplots of the indifferent mother who loses her child, the men around her life, and police trying to solve the case. It has a pattern that I've seen in a few French films lately where it's mostly drama and yet comic moments happen from time to time. I enjoyed it.

Letitia L (kr) wrote: A mixed bag for me. The topic and actual plot events were fascinating, but I found it a little tedious to watch. The movie has this very static quality where actors tend to stand in one spot when they're delivering their lines, instead of moving around naturally, which makes it feel at times like an amateurish stage play. (Perhaps most of it was filmed single-camera?)The only character I felt for was Sal, Danny Aiello is a superb actor. I'm not sure if we're supposed to like the main character Mookie, tbh. Some of the dialogue (especially by Mister Senor Love Daddy and the three old men sitting around) is hilarious with great flow, but a lot of times, for example when tempers run hot, the lines people yell at each other are clichd and carry no meaning.

Grant H (nl) wrote: Excellent movie. Very funny, very inspirational, very good-hearted, with amazing performances from Olmos and Phillips.

Charlie G (nl) wrote: Cheesy, boring, and nonsensical, this movie ruins the title character.

Jos M (ru) wrote: Peter Bogdanovich's hand subtly guides us through this film's expertly balanced tones with honest characters and honest sentimentality, with an affecting script, and spot-on performances, especially from nine-years-old leading actress Tatum O'Neal, whom, in her debut, is fascinating, in a confident, surprisingly deep performance.

Martin M (jp) wrote: I remember watching this on tv in the 70s when I was a kid - 4 stars for the memories!

Matthew D (br) wrote: Hilarous romp about men awaiting surgery in a british hospital, sexual urges arouse for the men to ding dong a nurse. Good acting, and belivble dialouge make this a rather camp comedy. There is also a sub plot romance between Ted (Terrance Longdon) and Nurse Denton (Shirley Eaton) who is leaving for a hospital in America.