Come on Eileen

Come on Eileen

One summer, mother and ex dancer Eileen lapses back to a troubled past as she starts a new relationship... we watch as she and her family combust. The film, shot on a micro budget, treads between darkness and humour as it moves from its beginning in the suburban cricket club to its conclusion at a music festival.

One summer, mother and ex dancer, Eileen lapses back to a troubled past as she starts a new relationship... we watch as she and her family combust. The film, shot on a micro budget, treads ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Come on Eileen torrent reviews

Paul C (gb) wrote: Poor acting, poorer character development, crappy audio...this movie just sucked all together. More of a comedy than a horror.

Ariel R (au) wrote: S, s, los crticos la destrozaron, pero me gust bastante. No creo que se convierta en un clsico, tampoco en una de las mejores cintas del ao, pero si es una cinta que vale la pena ver (en caso de que no haya muchas opciones, claro). Tiene algunas cuantas fallas, pero tiene ese algo que te engancha. Brightest Star es una pelcula agradable.

Diego Martn (it) wrote: como para terminar la saga 6/10

kyo 9 (mx) wrote: should've change the movie title to something more appropriate..the story line was not bad.. but kinda boring..

Genevive C (us) wrote: Franchement, ce film m'a plutt due je dois dire. J'tais curieuse de voir Roy Dupuis en tant que fils de Susan Sarandon et pourtant, son rle: il ne fait rien...J'ai cependant apprci les paysages magnifiques QUBCOIS des cantons de l'est. De plus, on s'attend avoir une fin superbe mais rien ne se passe, dcevant. Malgr une distribution de choix (Plummer, Sarandon, Max von Sydow et Gabriel Byrne), ce film n'a rien d'exceptionnel.

Eve B (it) wrote: Moondance Alexander is a Wonderful Family film, Directed by Michael Damian. He's as Talented in Directing as he is in Singing & Acting. This is a Heartwarming Film, that will have you in Tears on occasion. So please make sure you have a Box of Tissue with you handy. :) I Love this movie. It's One of My Favorites. :) Way to Go Michael! You Rock! :)

Daniel V (ru) wrote: Though not entirely accurate account of historical events, still an enjoyable film.

Niklas S (jp) wrote: I was watching a bunch of war movies and this one came up. Never saw it but I'm glad I did because it's hilarious. Gotta love a young Caine.

Ricky D (us) wrote: The lead character is so fun to watch, the rest of them are ehh. The plot drives the movie and none of the characters care for their environment. It is merely a story for story's sake.

Sergio D (au) wrote: As much as I love Ginger Rogers, I just couldn't get behind the movie as a whole. The hypnotizing thing was a bit weird, but I'll give it brownie points for doing something different.

FigmentOf Y (it) wrote: Tommy Lee at his best!

Grant H (kr) wrote: Great movie. The story is smart, action-packed and suspenseful, the script is well-written, the visual effects and cinematography are great, and the performances are even better, especially Smith for keeping it serious for the first real time in his film career, even if he still brings some good comedy to the table, as well as Hackman.

Tad W (nl) wrote: this is one of those 50/50 movie that can be good and/or bad

Issac C (mx) wrote: Toy Story is about a child's toys coming to life and doing different things while the child is not around. It's is about a toy named Sheriff Woody who has been the child, Andy's favorite toy, but when Andy get's a new toy, named Buzz Light-Year is given to Andy for his birthday, so Woody get's jealous and tries as hard as he can to get Andy's attention, but doesn't entirely want to hurt Buzz. Woody's reckless actions suddenly get him and Buzz on a wild adventure, and finally putting aside their differences to work together and get back to Andy. I really loved this movie, it was a large part of my childhood and has had a weirdly big effect on my life. It has great voice acting, (Of course it does, it's got Tom Hanks) great graphics for the time it was created, and is emotionally strong as-well. This movie is a great movie for kids and adults alike. My issues with this movie are that sometimes the characters can get a bit annoying and under your skin when they shouldn't be, and during the middle of the movie, it does drag a bit and takes a while to pick it's momentum back up. Great movie over all.

M N (jp) wrote: Entertaining. More enjoyable if you watched the series of course.

Victor M (de) wrote: A con artist (as he claimed to be named himself) with compulsive obsessive disorder between other maladies, goes through heaven, hell, purgatory and finally heaven leaving their illegal occupation for a normal life. The moral is "never a con should rely in another con". Is inevitable to compare this film with "Nine Queens" the Argentinian film from 2000 about a similar story. Both are great films each one on his own style.