Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav

Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav

It's Flavor Flav's turn to step in to the celebrity hot seat for the latest installment of The Comedy Central Roast.

It's Flavor Flav's turn to step in to the celebrity hot seat for the latest installment of The Comedy Central Roast. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav torrent reviews

rafael t (ru) wrote: not quite as funny as it seems, acting sucks big time... and tneds to be repetitive, you may laugh a couple times...

Eboo W (it) wrote: My fuckin Movieeee!!!!

Mattias E (us) wrote: Boarding Gate has some serious pacing and casting problems. A sulky Asia Argento and a pasty looking Michael Madsen hardly convinces as former lovers in the talky first part of the movie. The sudden shift of setting brings about a much needed change of pace, but Hong Kong seems really wasted on such poor performances and thin plot.

Steve G (fr) wrote: 21st Century comedic masterpiece. I was into this before anybody else even heard of it. The humor in the movie is like a mirror image of the abstractions going on in my head. How somebody else captured the quirks that I thought only I found funny was astonishing. I bet a million watched it and said "Hey! That's MY crazy humor!". Therein lies the greatness.

Carlos D (ca) wrote: if you watch this movie from the right angle,you will find the social comment hidden behind the whole pop-chick-flick-teen kind of movie...I like it not only because is coming from the archie comics universe,but because it has something to say about marketing and the music industry.

Alex r (ca) wrote: Throughout the 1980's there were a constant trend of low budget schlock fests that never quite made its way into the mainstream. Instead, these movies would play in Drive in theatres and be released straight to video. Robo Vampire is such a film, a movie that is pure 80's cheese, yet it's quite entertaining and is lots of fun for viewers looking for low grade entertainment. The film has some mediocre performances and bad overdubbing, but somehow, I did enjoy the film. For what it was, it's an entertaining film, one that has "cult movie" written all over it. The film succeeds at doing just that, and it works very well in terms of an action, horror exploitation picture. I find these films quite enjoyable because it uses the weirdest types of ideas, and the filmmakers due to obvious budget constraints manage to make something quite entertaining with its concept. Other films of this caliber would be Nail gun Massacre and The Video Dead, and Robo Vampire continues that trash entertainment vibe that these films provided. I said they were trash, but I mean that in a good way. The film is an engaging and fun midnight movie, well worth seeing if you enjoy low budget cheesy picture that have limited production value. Robo Vampire is worth seeing if you're into B movies, but it's not a movie that has stood out either. For what it is, it's a well constructed low budget film that doesn't try to take itself too seriously and is able to pull off something horrifying, humorous and action oriented all at once. Robo Vampire succeeds at combining various genres into one film, and it might appeal to various fans of low budget cinema.

Dave S (us) wrote: The script works in the sense that staying at the top, staying hungry, can be as tough as the climb to get there. That said, the charm the first two movies had isn't nearly as strong here, especially with the lead character himself. Carl Weathers' Apollo is actually more interesting than Rocky. But it's probably the best performance Talia Shire yet. Gone is the timid Adrian. Mr. T plays a one dimensional villain. Still, a decent entry for Rocky die hards.

Matt C (fr) wrote: Look I hate musicals, especially ones where the miming is as laughable as on display here but this is 'Bugsy Malone', you'd have to be heartless to not love this film. The songs are all great, every kid in this film has their performances spot on, it's funny, clever and entertaining. 'You give a little love and it all comes back to you', Amen to that.

Jason G (us) wrote: A cast of thousands (of which Brando is the only recognizable actor). The scenery and story are authentic enough to carry the film where Bando's performance is not. Brando was a great actor with tremendous range, but playing an englishman puts too much of a strain on even his great acting skills... (or on my ability to believe). Brando, an agent for the British.. sweeps in to a Portuguese-run slave colony... causes unrest and instability... dethrones the Portuguese masters through rebellion and deceit and then installs his British masters as the new slavers. Nicely written and filled with credible and deftly played political shenanigans, BURN swoops by fairly quickly. There are some problems with the edits, but the script is decent and the message is timeless. Humanity is well and truly fucked. An ambitious film for it's time and worth a viewing...

JamesMasaki R (ca) wrote: Ozu's films are so accessible including his silent films, and yet there are so many who haven't seen any of his works. Blasphemy, I say. With "I Was Born But..." He goes to the perspective of children, 2 brothers who are bullied in school for being new, the misunderstanding of social status, and all leading up to one of the most memorable and heartbreaking confrontations ever, with the children and their father. Definitely a rare film that really captures a child's point of view of the world.

Scott R (fr) wrote: Groundbreaking film, utterly eerie.

Khaled H (au) wrote: coming of age drama/romance about second chances but in this case lost again, the only thing made it worth watching is the performance of Ed Harris and Annette bening