Comedy Makes You Cry

Comedy Makes You Cry

This story is a description of how modern people search for their happiness and self-worth in Taipei City. In order to make a living, a man and a woman applied for a job as Call Man and Call Girl in the same day coincidentally, and they also sat out with the same taxi in that day. More spontaneously, due to various factors, both of them always fail to get clients which produced a lot of funny accidents. Finally, these pitiful and ridiculous "chicken and duck" have an opportunity to break the shackles on their body toward the well-being reality. The film's unique humor in trying to approach the interpretation of the most true humanity.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:gigolo,   prejudice,   irony,  

This story is a description of how modern people search for their happiness and self-worth in Taipei City. In order to make a living, a man and a woman applied for a job as Call Man and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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JuaMari M (ca) wrote: This is possibly the very worst movie I have ever seen. The camerawork is terrible. It was awkward and there was no movement. There were too many static shots. The scenes were awkward. The sound was terrible. Bad mistakes were made like not mixing properly or not adding atmosphere. Voices were overdubbed and you could really tell because they didn't bother to add background sounds in. I've seen many student projects with much better sound.The story bears almost no resemblance to the story on which it is based. Listening to a 5 minute clip of the man on who the story is based is much better. That's pretty bad considering that they used an incredible amount of resources to make a feature.Most of the film is spent surfing all over the world, which isn't entirely integral to the story and probably cost a lot of unnecessary money.The cast seemed universally terrible, which would indicate that the directing wasn't great. Some of the cast members weren't actors and you could really tell.There's really no reason to watch this movie, not even if you are a Christian hoping to support the Christian filmmakers and cast of the movie. The movie makes Christians out to be hippy freaks that just read You Version and lose all interest in the activities that they love. This movie certainly did more harm than good to Christianity.

Rohan D (es) wrote: A decent movie,though has its "boring" moments.Nevertheless,watchable for the "True Blood" actor.

Scotty P (ca) wrote: As a self parody, it's brilliant. As an original horror film, it's just like the first

Charlie G (ru) wrote: A dog starring in Hollywood movies gets lost and thought dead.It's a step down from glamor but he sees life from a completely different perspective.

Nick P (ru) wrote: While it could've went the route of paranoia and thick mystery, ANACONDA is a cheap effort. The beginning is not so much as suspenseful as it is dragging. That could have made great use of character development while still maintaining popcorn entertainment and good scares. However, it's full of cheesy lines, outdated subplots as well as inaccuracies. Jennifer Lopez is probably the only half-decent one of this awfully acted cast. Ice Cube is just there to be there and so is Owen Wilson for star power. Jon Voight is the most cringe-worthy with an obnoxious, distracting accent-y performance that is so embarrassing. Everything is silly, whether intentional or unintentional. No sense of tension, no developed characters, nothing is scary and I didn't care for any of it.

F B (mx) wrote: An arty type film and definitely not for me.

John M (au) wrote: A great story of survival in an iron coffin.

Joe I (ru) wrote: One of the best films that a Psychology student can see. A must.

Greg W (br) wrote: another re-telling of Custer's life in the west so i guess u could call it a bio-western

Bill B (gb) wrote: Another classic Film Noir marked off the list, this one the story of a poor guy searching for the mystery woman in the distinctive hat who can clear his name by providing an alibi for the time of his wife's murder.Well worth a rental.

Paul P (au) wrote: Girl With A Pearl Earring is one of those quiet, restrained films that softly haunts the viewer for weeks afterward. It won't knock you over, but it won't soon leave you either. And the score--simply enrapturing, and absolutely unforgettable.

David J (it) wrote: Pretty spectacular, but nothing Star Wars and Star Trek hasn't already given us.

Robertson R (gb) wrote: Not the best superhero movie but definitely the best Hulk one