Comfortably Lost

Comfortably Lost

A young NY photographer takes an impulsive trip to Cambodia and allows the journey to be the destination.

A young NY photographer takes an impulsive trip to Cambodia and allows the journey to be the destination. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael Q (jp) wrote: Better off watching re-run of Star Track !

Peter B (mx) wrote: Strong performances from Crudup and Yelchin and a great soundtrack make this very watchable despite its heavy subject matter. The ending is anticlimactic but other wise it's a strong directorial debut from William H. Macy.

Sam B (ca) wrote: Seeing Dani Filth kill people to the sounds of CoF is worth 5 stars alone. Brilliant.

Blandy L (gb) wrote: It was a nice date movie. Little action, little mystery, little funny haha, and just a touch of romance. Downside? Anyone with half a brain can figure out the plot twist by the half way point. It's okay though... they give you one last tiny surprise before it is finished.

Ian C (fr) wrote: It certainly hasn't aged well. I loved this flick when I first saw it in 94. Love the Iggy Pop nightclubbing sounding intro and closing tune. It really does capture the far right movement and their pure Aryan race ideology but in reality they are just a bunch of mongoloid fuckwits. Crowe is solid in the lead.

Phil L (br) wrote: Funny... historicly nice, but a love story too much like Romeo and Juliet...

Simon M (it) wrote: Saw this in the theatre when I was 9. Just remembered that I thought it was boring then.

Tony P (ru) wrote: Another 1970s exploitation film from genre master Pete Walker. In this film yet more elements of society and positions of high authority (at the time) are questionned. Here the British justice system, the right wing views of some mainly Conservative politicians to 'throw away the key' a retired judge and sadistic wardons are used. The pretext this time is some private female correctional facility not controlled by the state, its laws and rules.The film is very darkly shot at times which judging by the subject matter can be understood I suppose.The cast includes Pete Walker veteran Sheila Keith (now deceased) and a young Celia Imrie.The sadistic 'wardon' played by Barbara Markham was meant as a parody of TV clean up champion (and nuisance in many respects!) Mary Whitehouse. The director/producer sticking his fingers up at the establishment again.Because these films are some forty years old many of the cast and members of the establishment mentioned are now deceased.I wouldn't rate it as highly as another Pete Walker film of the period Frightmare that I reviewed yesterday but this is still essential film for any discerning film watcher.

Natalie J (gb) wrote: I have wanted to see this in such a long time.

Alec B (gb) wrote: Good movie! Not as memorable or exciting as I expected but I loved the actors and actresses

Fady M (jp) wrote: Wut da hell this movie wants from us ?!!

Clara S (kr) wrote: Um filme muito divertido, com uma animao impecvel e com vrias referncias a cultura pop dos games

Mika S (nl) wrote: Well, at least it had topless girls from an era when women still had real breasts.