Comic Book Confidential

Comic Book Confidential

In the 20th century, no artistic medium in North America with so much potential for creative expression has had a more turbulent history plagued with less respect than comic books. Through animated montages, readings and interviews, this film guides us through the history of the medium from the late 1930s and 1940s with the first explosion of popularity with the superheroes created by great talents like Jack Kirby and hitting its first artistic zenith with Will Eisner's "Spirit". It then shifts to the post war comics world with the rising popularity of crime and horror comics, especially those published by EC Comics under the editorshiop of William B. Gaines until it came crashing down the rise of censorship with the imposition of the Comics Code. In its wake of the devastation of the medium's creative freedom, we also explore EC's defiant survival with the creation of the singular "Mad Magazine" by Harvey Kurtzman.

A survey of the artistic history of the comic book medium and some of the major talents associated with it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake P (jp) wrote: For the most part I really liked the part. I really liked the characters a lot and loved the 20's vibe of the movie. What I really didn't like and I found it very annoying was the catching of the beast that steals things and I also found the ending too much and the villain destroying New York was just too much for me. But overall I liked the movie and can't wait till she second one.

Spencer S (ca) wrote: There's so much to love about this French romantic comedy that centers on the world of speed tying in the late fifties. As a period piece, this film was produced convincingly. The costumes are authentic, the sets are bright and brilliant, and the attitudes are pure Parisian metropolitan. The subject matter of speed typing was engrossing and was handled splendidly, rising in tension from one scene to the next. The training sessions were interesting, the inner personal relationships were also, and the love story, though mishandled at times, was an adorable adage to the rest of the plot. The competition was so fierce and unbridled that it almost made me uncomfortable, and for some reason the stakes were quite high, even though our main character Rose (Francois) didn't even initially want to compete. This film fuses all the best aspects of the fifties aesthetic with the vintage idyllic themes of a classic love story. It feels quite authentic, and it's beautiful to boot, making it a traditional and yet contemporary film.

Nikki W (ca) wrote: Let me start off by saying, I adore this film. I could watch it over and over again (and do). I was drawn to it initially because of the cast. A true ensemble, each playing their part beautifully. Carell, as a rarely seen straight man, is great, you hate him, but you're supposed to. Collette is subtle, offering up everything with a tinge of sadness. Janney makes you cringe, she's sloppy and loud, and has no filter but she's the perfect accompaniment to Collette.At the waterpark, Rockwell and Rudolph banter back and forth and you never want it to end. It feels improvised, because it's so easy and simple. Their characters have known each other for years and it shows.Rockwell's character, Owen, takes the awkward teen, Duncan, under his wing. At 14, we all could use a mentor like Owen. His life philosophy rubs off on Duncan, all the while teaching him how not to end up like Owen. Ultimately, this newfound attitude in Duncan rubs off on his mum (Collette).This film is funny, it's sunny and smart, beautifully written, excellently cast and has a fantastic amount of heart.Probably gonna watch it again now....

Sarah M (ag) wrote: "Panic Button" is a cute, campy Italian comedy with a plot similar to "The Producers". Overall, a light hearted and enjoyable watch!

Joules L (ag) wrote: Very good story of an old bloke who is in need of forgiveness. Funny in places and sad in others. entertaining.

Lauren B (au) wrote: Cute, funny and heartfelt. I like it. :)

Dakota S (fr) wrote: My all time favorite movie

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: Not a good movie to watch

Sultan A (mx) wrote: Fuck you cunts. Best film ever.

Mister X (gb) wrote: Based on the book by Ian McEwan with the same title, The Cement Garden tells the tale of youth left to develop on its own, without adult supervision. After the death of their parents, Jack, Julie, Tom and Sue are left to fend for themselves in a dreary house cast off from the rest of the world. The film at times follows the book in almost obsessive detail (there is a scene where Jack climbs up a pile of rocks to talk to Julie. In the book it is mentioned that a rock tumbles down as he steps on it. This small detail is duplicated in the film). The central story revolves around Jack, Julie and their developing sexuality. While possibly too slow for some and ultimately not for the faint of heart, The Cement Garden captures the quiet dread of the book while keeping the viewer mesmerized and wondering what will happen to this family of children.

keith r (ru) wrote: Have'nt seen this in a long time Classic

Alex B (us) wrote: Surely one of the best (cinematic) depictions of a (class-based, and of course sex-based) murder (and murderer) and its publicity (and cover-up).