Coming Out Party

Coming Out Party


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1970
  • Language:English
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  • Category:General
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  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
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Clay B (kr) wrote: YOUNG BILLY YOUNG (1969)

Jeremy S (kr) wrote: Although it is a average film, Red 2 does not stand up to Red, but on its own, it's a mediocre film of explosions and action. The quality of the Red I liked the most was the 'fun' and goofiness of it. I could not feel the same way about this movie. It lost to much to match its predecessor but is not a downright awful movie.

frii a (es) wrote: ME GUSTA CRISS ANGEL!!!!

milie L (kr) wrote: Moins de merveilleux et de fantastique que je ne pensait, mais quand meme tres touchant. Je pense que j'aimerais mieux voir un show de fred Pellerin, ca doit etre encore plus prenant.

Jessica F (ru) wrote: Only watched to see what happened ! a kinda good story line but tacky game images all the way thro ! dont bother watching.

Edith N (jp) wrote: Liberation Is a Journey This is the first dramatic film made in the Kinyarwanda language. It's a language I've heard before, because I've seen documentaries about what happened in Rwanda not all that long before this movie was made. However, it may be that to immerse yourself in a language, even one you do not speak, gives you a feel for the people who do. Near the end of the film, a poet recites the poem he has written for a ceremony celebrating what I believe to be the Rwandan equivalent of Independence Day, and the rhythm of the language is so powerful that I could listen to it even without the subtitles--and, it's worth noting, someone has put enough thought into the subtitles so that what he says is still poetic after it's been translated. Rwanda is a troubled country, but this film lets you see some of the good which remains and leaves hope that things are going to get better, that the suffering of recent years will bear a crop of peace. Munyurangabo (Jeff Rutagengwa), or Ngabo, is on a journey with his friend, Sangwa (Eric Ndorunkundiye). Ngabo carries a machete in his bag, and you don't have to be a genius to understand that he doesn't plan to use it for cutting brush. Sangwa convinces him that they should hitchhike on their journey and instead spends their bus fare on a nice shirt to wear when they reach the home of his parents (Jean Marie Vianney Nkurikiyinka and Narcicia Nyirabucyeye). Only Sangwa has been gone for three years because of a disagreement with his father, whom he remembers only as an abusive drunk. He may not drink anymore, but he still isn't a very pleasant person. His father is furious at him for having left the family, insisting that he should have stayed home to help care for the younger children, and he's none too pleased that he has returned now--and that he has returned with Ngabo. There is one thing most Westerners know about Rwanda, and it is the thing which is important here. It never occurred to these boys that they shouldn't be friends until people started telling them so. Tribe did not matter to them. They liked each other, and that was what mattered. It is only when Sangwa returned home that they even thought of it, I think. Obviously, they knew, but there's a difference between knowing and caring which they didn't cross until Sangwa was back in his home village, back among the people who raised him and told him how to think. And the problem with returning to them is that you also return to your previous patterns of thought. Even if you think they're wrong and always have. That's just how going home feels. When I last stayed at my mother's house, she had certain expectations of my behaviour--and she makes certain assumptions about my beliefs. Luckily for me, that doesn't involve believing I should hate anyone in particular or in general. I have a lot of friends who aren't so lucky, and there isn't even genocide required. It's worth noting that this first film is not, in fact, made by Rwandans. At least not directed, produced, and so forth. Director Lee Isaac Chung is from Colorado and is the child of Korean immigrants. All the actors are actually Rwandan, and most of them have none nothing else. However, he apparently taught a film class in Rwanda with this as a result, and the poem was written by the man who delivers it, Edouard B. Uwayo. While this may not be solely the voice of the Rwandan people, it's much closer to it than most Western takes on the story. And I think it is also an attempt to give the Rwandan people a language, if you will, with which to communicate with those outside their country. It's a short step from there to producing their own stories, not all of which need to be about the genocide and its aftermath. Indeed, it's possible that a Rwandan movie about some other thing entirely might catch the global imagination and help the process of healing for the country. That is, in the end, what the movie is about. Healing. Will Ngabo and Sangwa let their tribal ancestry destroy their friendship? Will what happened before destroy everything which might come after? Will Ngabo be consumed by his demons? Will Sangwa let his father control him? We can never be sure, of course, because the future of the country is no more written than what happens after the film fades to black. However, there are some signs of hope. The literacy rate is improving, and the democratically elected government is working to improve health care access for the people. As the genocide fades into the past, it is to be hoped that the new generation will be able to move beyond events they cannot themselves remember, were not themselves born during. The world continues to change, and in Rwanda, the world seems to be changing for the better. Of course, I do not ask for a sequel, because I think few movies really require them. But I will watch what goes on with the country in the news as well as at the movies.

Armando R (us) wrote: This movie sucked more than a teething prostitute!

Wahida K (au) wrote: I like Halloweentown High and the prequels called Halloweentown Town and so on. It is fun watchinig this Movies on Holidays and Halloween.

Yuki A (gb) wrote: finally a modern Indian film which sadness doesn't rely on camera circling the characters, repetitive cut to heigtened the sentiments, and also restrained cries. I can relate with the religion clash turmoil situation, because it often happens here in my country too. Aparna Sen is deftly enough not treat the melodrama with cheap sentiment.

Richard M (it) wrote: This movie was a rip off. It's crap.

Abigail G (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this quirky, fun love story

Dyron W (jp) wrote: With Chris Tucker gone, Next Friday is a complete step down from the original film and has a messy plot, or lack thereof, that falls apart by the third act, but it benefits from hilarious supporting characters that make up for its short comings.

KIm A (ca) wrote: Saw parts of this movie, really think Ellen DeGeneres should just stick with her Tv Show.

Cody C (kr) wrote: Mad whack. A couple good things in it, but most of the songs aren't very good and it's kind of incomprehensible in a Clive Barker-ish way. But not as good as Clive Barker's personal brand of incomprehensibility. Worth seeing if you're a die-hard Prince fan, probably should be skipped if you aren't. Definitely watch the Still Would Stand All Time part though, that's mad good, good song and good vibe.

Lee M (kr) wrote: A certain affection towards this picture is guaranteed, considering it pioneered Canadian indie film, kick-started numerous careers.

Marcus W (es) wrote: Improves towards the end, but by that point it's too late.

Rupert P (us) wrote: Classic revenge flick carried by a great performance from Charles Bronson. The film has problems for sure but Charles Bronson's performance more than makes up for it. Death Wish is one of the best revenge films of it's time and is a must see for fans of the genre. The film follows a formulatic narrative arc but is never dull or uninteresting. Charles Bronson certainly delivers here. I'm a huge fan of his work and this ranks up there as one of his best performances. At times the film does seem a bit dated but it never is unwatchable. The atmosphere is dark and sleazy which fits the film perfectly. I haven't seen any of the sequels and I don't plan on it but as a standalone revenge film, Death Wish is terrific. Death Wish is the ultimate revenge film and is must see for fans of Charles Bronson.

Song L (br) wrote: 2 stars for Eva Green. one for each ..

Toby C (gb) wrote: I don't think a single character in this film as an IQ of over 20, and there's not much of a plot at all... however, ever single scene in this film is comedic gold in its own original way, causing this film to be recognized as the cult classic it is today.

Zack T (au) wrote: A great comedy about a human chameleon. Allen and Farrow give great performances here.