Coming Through

Coming Through

While researching the work of author D.H. Lawrence (Kenneth Branagh), Kate (Alison Steadman) begins a romance with a fellow academic, and learns about Lawrence's love affair with the married aristocrat Frieda Von Richthofen (Helen Mirren) in this made-for-television drama. As Lawrence and Von Richthofen fall deeper into their forbidden relationship, Kate grows more familiar with Lawrence's work, such as the sensuous Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Celebrated actors Kenneth Branagh (Hamlet) and Helen Mirren (Prime Suspect) star in this film by award-winning playwright Alan Plater about one of the great love affairs and greatest ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fouad A (ru) wrote: Labak's film is explores the banality of religious strife in a small fictitious Lebanese village, where the smallest spark can ignite a conflict with devastating consequences. The women of the village united in grief attempt in all sorts of ingenious ways to keep the peace among the hot-headed men, who co-exist precariously side by side. Sometimes comical and at other times tragic, the story evolves in surprising ways, keeping the viewer guessing about the final resolution. The village atmosphere is captivating, and the characters curiously charming, despite their many shortcomings. The films borrows a little from Turkish cinema like Visontele, but does one better with a clear statement against the war of men, which leaves nothing but widows and ignorance in its midst. The locations, interiors and musical score blend beautifully and are as crucial to the story as any of the characters. It's hard not to be proud when a fellow Lebanese with the courage of conviction and the craft of movie making, is able to present the world with such a poignant portrayal of what is wrong with our country. I hope we can all learn some lessons about the folly of war, since our country, just like that village, is too small and far too fragile to survive another war of attrition.

Max G (fr) wrote: Very odd film, to me by the end it reaked of trying to be all "Israel v. Palestine".Not the worst foreign flick I've seen, but it is rather hard to follow.

Julie P (de) wrote: 3 months of celibacy culminate in the most awkward sex scene in cinematic history. And after plunging into depressing new depths, a happy ending for all involved.

Jason G (us) wrote: At least this movie actually had Pinhead in it... other than that, it's another largely nonsensical bore and how bad is it when the acting talents of Kari Wuhrer can be considered the highlight of the film? It's better than Inferno and Hellseeker, though... but it still looks cheap and the story is ridiculous in its ability not to care a bit about cause and effect.

Ghislain B (ru) wrote: Film dcal, et d'une vritable originalit aussi bien scnaristique qu'au niveau de ses effets russis de camra, Bernie nous entraine dans l'univers de ce marginal, totalement dcal et acide d'humour noir qui nous livre des scnes et des dialogues d'anthologie. On regrette une prestation finalement moyenne de Dupontel, quelques passages qui tournent vide notamment dans les dialogues et une fin molle.

Michael W (au) wrote: This movie is like finding a hidden gem...The story line and direction is excellent...The acting by Jeremy Irons and Ron Silver is superb....Ron Silver also deserved an acting Academy Award for his role......very enjoyable film.....

Robert S (kr) wrote: 2 career criminals escape an Alaskan maximum security prison only to end up on an out-of-control train with no engineer and no way to stop it. Sharp performances by Voight and Roberts, and enough subtext for a college English thesis.

jesse k (ca) wrote: This is an awful movie and Kidman sucks as usual. No redeeming qualities here and the fact that it is a remake of an excellent film means that the producer of this rip off should go to prison.

Jacob M (br) wrote: When you think of Westerns, you think of John Wayne. John Wayne starred in many hit Western from the 1930's to 1970's, with films like The Searchers, Rio Bravo, True Grit, and Stagecoach. His 1963 film McLintock is another one of The Duke's biggest hits, and is a memorable western. Meet George Washington McLintock (John Wayne), a cattle baron who owns most of the town of McLintock, but still feels unhappy. He intends to sell off the land to the government when he dies so they can build a national park, but is pestered a lot by old Indian friends, led by Strother Martin, a corrupt land agent named Douglas (Gordon Jones), and the territory governor, Cuthbert H. Humphrey (Robert Lowery). But his biggest problem comes when his separated wife, Katherine (Maureen O'Hara), returns to town to get a divorce and also await the arrival of their daughter, Rebecca (Stefanie Powers), in order to decide who's keeping custody of her. The rest of the film focuses on Rebecca's struggle with love and McLintock's issues with his wife and the Indians. Other stars appearing in McLintock include John Wayne's son Patrick as hired hand Devlin Warren, who falls for Rebecca, Jerry Van Dyke (yes, Dick Van Dyke's brother) plays Matt Douglas Jr., the son of the corrupt land agent and also has a crush on Rebecca, and Yvonne de Carlo as Louise Warren, Devlin's mom who works as McLintock's housekeeper and cook and has problems with Katherine. Now as you probably know, I'm not a huge fan of westerns, but I can still watch them for reviewing purposes. I have no problem with John Wayne. I think he is a talented actor with a sense of toughness and personality to get through an entire picture. While this is not Wayne's superior work, McLintock is an entertaining film nonetheless. Wayne had no real reason to make this film, it was only because his previous film, The Alamo, was a notorious flop and it cost him lots of money. In order to recoup his losses from that film, Wayne made a simple, easy Western that he knew his fans would enjoy. While I'm not a huge western nut. I must say that I was entertained by it. First off, this film is funny. And I mean funny. Generally when you think of John Wayne, you think of him as a tough actor with a serious look, Here, he keeps his toughness, but also shows his comedic side as well, and it really surprised me. A serious scene involving a near-killing of an Indian turns into a hilarious brawl down a mud pit, caused by The Duke himself. Another funny sequence involves Wayne smacking Maureen O'Hara with a coal shovel (It sounds abusive, but trust me, it's actually pretty funny). And the funniest scene of all? A drunken Wayne attempting to climb up the stairs of his own house. It's hysterical. What about the cast? John Wayne, of coarse, is funny tough, and cool. Maureen O'Hara, a longtime collaborator with Wayne, is entertaining and funny. Stefanie Powers is attractive and sassy as the daughter. And the rest of the supporting cast is excellent as well, even Wayne's son. I wasn't particularly fond of Jerry Van Dyke in the film, cause he looked like a cheap imitator of his brother, and his scenes could have been cut, but his scenes doesn't ruin what is otherwise a good film. And last but not least, there's the score by DeVol, probably best known for his work on The Brady Bunch. DeVol is not one of my favorite composers, mostly due to The Brady Bunch, but his score is surprisingly done well here. His score didn't feel kiddy-kiddy here, like on, you guessed it, The Brady Bunch. While not perfect, especially with Dick Van Dyke's not-talented brother in the picture and some political scenes that dulled the film a bit, McLintock is an entertaining western, with a good and surprisingly funny performance from John Wayne and some crazy comedic sequences. I only recommend this to diehard John Wayne fans, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless. "Somebody oughta belt you in the mouth!"

Muhammad K (ca) wrote: Humphrey Bogart the best as ever.

Brad S (ag) wrote: - I have seen this a few times now. The film is predictable and heavy handed, but I really enjoy watching Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy in this, they are both outstanding and I love their chemistry.- Watching this one again for the first time in a long while, I couldn't help but be distracted by how heavy-handed and predictable it is. The film lays it on thick, but is ultimately save by the two lead performances of Tandy and Freeman. Not sure it is worthy of the Best Picture Oscar is received though. Check it out!

The N (fr) wrote: de las peores pelculas que existen.

Noah D (kr) wrote: Any movie laughing at date rape and domestic violence is NOT ok in my book, not to mention the fact that every single character in Jersey Shore Massacre is a terrible person! The only thing remotely positive in this trash, is an amusing cameo by Ron Jeremy.

Seth H (jp) wrote: Fuckin totally tubular! radical, cowabunga