Coming To America

Coming To America

Prince Akeem, heir to the throne of Zamunda, leaves the tropical paradise kingdom in search of his queen. What better place than Queens, New York to find his bride? Joined by his loyal servant and friend, Semmi, Akeem attempts to blend in as an ordinary American and begin his search.

Eddie Murphy plays Akeem Prince of Zamunda kingdom of Africa. Akeem demolished ancient tradition, because he did not want to marry a native girl. Prince moved to New York to marry a smart wife - the love of his life. Along with a loyal servant, they began their trip. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse T (gb) wrote: A must-see for any Doctor Who fan, An Adventure in Space and Time is essential viewing for anyone who has an interest in how Doctor Who came to be. David Bradley, who's probably well-known for playing Argus Filch in Harry Potter, and Walder Frey in Game of Thrones, give a charming performance of William Hartnell. Seeing his performance, I'm a bit shocked Steven Moffat didn't get him for the 50th anniversary.

Gary S (fr) wrote: Really enjoyed this, got some good action in it.

Dave R (it) wrote: Well this was a really crappy zombie movie for sure one of the low buget movie so fake looking and very dumb

William C (au) wrote: Grade:High 7/10The Way Back is a firmly good movie and although long(quite literally),it is also a good adventure too. The film offers thrills, spills anddrama that can at times be unmatched and with a fine cast on screen Itall makes for a good journey that is also a good watch. I felt it wasfirmly good as a film and here is why I thought that below here.The story is a darker tone of a story but the adventure side of thefilm is also fun and a good thrill of a thing to watch. It can be slowat times and certain parts drag and drag but that is usually onlybecause they are one place too much too long. I also felt that whenthey were in a certain part it was more thrilling and you worried forthem more, but then they left that area it lost it's thrill and theyshould have dragged a little longer in the first area. Overall despitewhat I say the story is fine and unravels well before a good endingwhere you can never predict what will happen.I found Jim Sturgess good in the main role and his character is a voiceof rationality, and with Colin Farrell playing a more ferocious role heis perfect to use and portrays him well. Ed Harris and Saoirse Ronanalso lend there support and do solid jobs but overall the acting isn'tfantastic and to be fair could have been a little better for me here.I enjoyed the script and it well done for this, each character issuited to what they are saying and the exact right words are chosenthroughout. It is based on the book by Slawomir Rawicz who's personalexperience this is supposed to be, although many consider him to belying so it is not truly known if it is a true story. I loved thesetting finally and some great camera shots over large areas make for alovely shot film and as I say some locations are wonderful and wouldwork in any film.The story can be a little boring and especially towards the end becauseyou kind of get sick of the point of the movie, but it isn't a thingyou will hate by the end by any means. I said the acting wasn't thatgreat and also the pace of the movie can be maybe just a little slowand the feeling this film is an epic adventure quickly diminishes as itgoes along, but I can't criticise it that much in all truth.If you enjoy a WW2 film then this isn't for you because although itmentions it a lot, it has little action in a sense. If you love a Dramathat is unpredictable then this is for you because that is what it isin a strange sense but see for yourself what you think. This film Ithink was serious all the way throughout and the chemistry betweencharacters never grows much beyond having the one goal, I felt a littlemore friendliness would have made the group more felt for and wouldhave worried more for them.Overall it is a high 7/10, as I say a firmly good movie and I think most willenjoy this, unless you hate walking. It is the kind of the movie thatyou can enjoy but then again it can also not be enjoyed but hey as Ialways say, see for yourself and witness what may or may have not beena true story, because if it truly true, witness the great harshnessthey went through, and what pushes Humans to the brink of death.

Timothy N (jp) wrote: It has a few laughs, but it's missing the wittiness of the first movie. Instead it seems to focus more on giving 3D visuals to a low budget animation than a decent story line.

Cheryl L (au) wrote: The trailer for this reminded me of The Magic of Ordinary Days which is a simple film with a similar plot that WAS captivating. This film was disappointing - it dragged on and although I liked the actors, it failed to impress me in the end. I just wasn't moved by it. :(

John D (es) wrote: Sometimes fascinating, sometimes terrifying look at early American Hardcore (hence the title) punk. It's fun to watch a a bunch of aging white guys look ridiculous as they frantically grasp onto the remnants of their rebellious pasts and try to justify the seemingly racist, homophobic, violent, and chauvinistic tendencies of the movement. The documentary itself becomes almost as tedious as the jackhammer beats-- how many times do I need to a see a sweaty, tattooed, bald white guy pace around stage in his undies while screaming incoherently and punching his fists at the air? And how ironic is it that the best band of all, Bad Brains, is composed of four black dudes!?!? And why does every punk documentary have to end with the punks telling us punk is dead?

Tom M (jp) wrote: Christopher Walken?! Now you've got my attention - on my list of things to see!

Jim B (ag) wrote: A decent low budget Indie. Any movie that shows Rosario Dawson undressing can't be bad. I like how NYC is also a character. Good script. Good acting. Our lives are contingent.

Rini N (au) wrote: I thought it was about Steelheart. Great movie:D

Richard S (ag) wrote: An Just OK Abbott & Costello film.

Tanya R (br) wrote: This was an awesome movie!!! It was filled with action but also funny at the same time. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg had an amazing chemistry which made them very entertaining to watch. Mark Wahlberg is my FAVORITE actor!!! Not only is he great at what he does but he is very sexy too:) I will definitely be watching this movie again!!!

Fivos G (nl) wrote: I really did not expect to like this but for a splatter it's quite satisfying.