Command Decision

Command Decision

High-ranking officers struggle with the decision to prioritize bombing German factories producing new jet fighters over the extremely high casualties the mission will cost.

Army generals struggle with the decision to prioritize bombing the German factories producing new jet fighters over the extremely high casualties the mission will cost. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keira L (us) wrote: Story was forced.Characters felt soul-less.Songs were kind of enjoyable.Overall a very "meh" movie.

Steve P (ag) wrote: SUNSHINE ON LEITHTwo Scottish soldiers return from Afghanistan, home to Leith (Edinburgh, Scotland) to the warm embrace of their families.Musicals don't do much for me - and this one didn't improve the situation. Saccharine plot that seemed like an episode of Neighbours - about six characters, most of whom are couples, experience just about every clichd negative relationship experience one could have, combined with the results of war trauma, but all experienced while singing foot-tapping tunes (yes, I did tap my feet a couple of times). But the whole thing was just too soppy and you just knew it was all going to be sunshine eventually. The dialogue was obviously written to make way for the songs (a few of which were ok). There were so many plot lines happening that none of them have time to be developed with any depth - and because of that, there was quite a bit of jumping around. The movie is set in Edinburgh, Scotland, so the city backdrops and landscapes are beautiful - shows off the city really well. SUNSHINE ON LEITH is a feel good movie with no sex (apart from some mild kissing) or violence that is clearly targeting an older age group - the older members of the audience around me clearly appreciated the movie. Disappointing but will suit those who like low-key, feel good romantic musicals.**1/2

Dusty L (br) wrote: 82% on my Tomatometer.

Scott W (us) wrote: Totally awsome movie

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Not as bad as I remember. Your basic Romeo and Juliet story, but cool enough back story for the series. I think the absence of Kate Beckinsale is what hurt it...

Arseniy V (it) wrote: This top notch documentary film just affirmed for me the kind of opportunities that went wasted in "Hotel Rwanda". Hopefully someday mainstream filmmakers will have the fucking balls to follow through in exploring their subjects as thoroughly as they can. I really do believe that without our looking squarely at our own intrinsic darkness, this darkness will always have dominion over us. And a feature film is one of the very best means of doing this, that I know of.

Joe C (it) wrote: It was funny but average. At the time this was made, the hollywood market was all about re-boots of 70's or 80's films. The cast was pretty good, with Billy Bob Thorton really making the movie. The only reason he was in it, is because he was coming off a really comedy zinger with Bad Santa, a movie I have actually yet to own. This was a below average reboot that is worth picking up for 4 or 5 bucks at a discount store but no more.

humaira r (ru) wrote: omg the film is soo sadi couldn't stop crying at the end

Doug R (ca) wrote: Fascinated with Shakespeare, his Elizabethan contemporaries and Jacobean successors, this film was an easy Netflix pick for me. And, despite having hundreds of other films in my queue, I've brought Stage Beauty back for three encores (so far). I can't think of anything in this film that change would improve. Casting, acting and music are in the front rank of film performances. Heck, even the costumes are exceptional. Does the story seem a little farfetched? Not to me and the more I've read about the history of cross-gender roles in the performing arts an the English Restoration period.I highly recommend this film. Further, I suggest forgoing your usual TV fare and starting this film early enough in the evening to allow you to see it twice. You'll thank me later.DOUG out

Jabari P (gb) wrote: A little better then the first movie, but still terrible.

Kimberley B (mx) wrote: My Favorite Romance Movie EVER. It is so passionate. I also find Stephen Dillane really sexy!!

M C (us) wrote: An very entertaining movie that's never really as funny as it should be. 56/100

Sage M (de) wrote: The characters and dialogue is cliche and uninteresting so much so that I could not even watch the entire film. Boring. Dull. Predictable. Irritating.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: The gorgeous cinematography is the only reason to watch this. It hasn't aged well.

Pete S (us) wrote: For the most part ... the filmmakers and performers invest a high level of intelligence and sympathy into The Deep End.

Mike R (kr) wrote: GREAT MOVIE! LIKE THE GAMES!!