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Commediasexi torrent reviews

john d (ca) wrote: not the best of spin offs they have done .. pretty poor

Lee D (ru) wrote: I am typically not a Seth Rogen fan. in fact I usually try to avoid most of Rogens films. this is a major exception. the chemistry between Rogen and Barbara Streisand in guilt trip is pretty effective or at least for the most part. the movie has some genuinely funny moments and some good awkward humor but its not perfectly paced and has some slow areas that probably could've been trimmed a bit. there was also one scene in the film that was kind of out of place in that it was so harsh and mean spirited. it just didn't seem to fit the tone of the rest of the film and if you've seen it or if you ever get a chance to see it you'll know what I mean at that point. all in all I wouldn't have wanted to pay theater ticket price and it definitely wasn't one I would watch over and over but it was cute and worth a rent.

Nicki M (es) wrote: Really freaking bad on every level. I got halfway through before I couldn't take any more. I expect a Xmas movie to be crap, but this went beyond that. Awful hammy acting, as if the expected audience for this has the IQ of a 5 year old. And a bit racist too.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Funny and entertaining