Comment ça va?

Comment ça va?

A film about politics and the media, in which two workers in a newspaper plant attempt to make a film.

A film about politics and the media, in which two workers in a newspaper plant attempt to make a film. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juan Diego L (br) wrote: Es chevere, me parece que las actuaciones son buenas, pero no es tan memorable para mi como otras.

George F (au) wrote: execellent and extraordinary

John W (mx) wrote: If you are into time travel or see into the future type movies, this is as good as most. it may not withstand close scrutiny but I enjoyed it enough to post a review. While not that plausible at times, it does have a certain cool factor, and the effects look nice enough

Geoffrey D (es) wrote: Highly disappointed.

James F (de) wrote: Underrated! For me, John Crye and Paul Hungerford steal the film. I suppose it helps that I know them.

Nilesh J (jp) wrote: A typical Hugh Grant movie that continues to work even 15 years on. The pre-smartphone era was decidedly less busy socially! There were more times for human connections and also for exciting dashes to the venues to prevent calamities rather than instruct over the social network...

Heather Z (es) wrote: Someone should send this to me plzzzzz(:

William W (gb) wrote: Awful. I only saw it in the late 80s on video because I loved The Birds so much. Absolutely horrible. Do not ever see this for any reason whatsoever.

Dek B (jp) wrote: Gere did a great job as David...cast was superb as well.

Mike K (nl) wrote: I always been a huge fan of the late John Belushi and this film just showed what a good actor he really was. It was just a really nice film and had some touching moments which you don't find in many modern flicks. I just find the old train-type films nostalgic, especially in the 80's ones.

Ryan W (us) wrote: Wonderfully written and Anthony Perkins does Norman Bates the best.

Greg R (br) wrote: This is a underrated Disney film in my opinion. Is it corny and stupid at times? oh yea. Also the third act sadly is not very good either. On a whole, I do think there are things to like about this film. There's some good lines, many of the characters are distinct, likable, and they all stand out., There was definitely a lot of imagination and creativity put into it, and the visuals are really really cool to look at.

Steve P (ru) wrote: Boring and too slow.

Kortnie B (ru) wrote: It was halariousI loved it

Rob S (it) wrote: Definitely lost something over time, but mostly an admirable spy thriller ala Bond, with some terrible directing and editing choices and laughable dialogue. But Eastwood and Kennedy save this from being a total dud.

Eric L (au) wrote: Hmmm... This seems to be available at the local library.

Jessica L (ca) wrote: great cast and interesting scenes but a little messy