After her husband, Carl (Luke Wilson), suddenly leaves, Joline (Heather Graham) travels from New York to Texas to track him down. Although Joline tries to remain upbeat, she is discouraged when she discovers that Carl already has a new girlfriend, the lovely Carmen (Patricia Velasquez). Familiarizing herself with Carl's new home and friends, Joline gets company in the form of her brother, Jay (Casey Affleck). Will Joline win Carl back, or are there other romantic possibilities on her horizon?

The plot of "Committed" is centered around the story of an intense young woman, played by Graham, whose husband leaves her in order to find himself. She then follows him cross-country and when she catches up with him, complications arise. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Committed torrent reviews

Alexandra R (fr) wrote: I really wanted to fall in love with this movie; nothing wrong per se, just simply too long and a bit too repetitive

Lisa W (gb) wrote: This movie at first, I thought it would be corny, and alot like Simply Irresistible, but instead, surprised me, and had a good ending too! :D

Emily M (ag) wrote: a quirky and emotional scottish film, that is both funny and touching. Worth a watch

Dan M (it) wrote: For a heist film this was just all over the place and went on a bit too long. I think the only thing I actually liked about this was the fact that Kevin Costner played a pretty convincing bad guy. This movie was no bueno.

Sean A (ru) wrote: This entire series sucked.

Faley A (de) wrote: Classical Polanoski, always knows what he is upto and doing.. after Dial M for murder, this movie has three characters and a room , reminds me that classic of Hitchcock.

Dave I (fr) wrote: Yes! Jet Li's movies are insane, and this should be no different.

Luane G (ag) wrote: Highly underrated. The only film in which I could take Stephen Baldwin seriously apart from Threesome. Very good.

Georgian S (de) wrote: One word, Historical education. Outstanding on that part. A bit too long for a movie. But overall excellent. Great quotes as follows: "You don't need anyone crazy, you're one short step of crazy, what you get", my Riley(Bartha) replies with "obsessed" and Ben(Cage) replies with "PASSIONATE"Riley replies with "That's where we lost FBI", when Abigail(Kruger) thinks that Ben and Riley are looking at a "Treasure map"When Ben says "It's invisible" to convince Abigail that the map is real, my baby Riley says That's where we lost Department of Homeland Security"The film entails Ben(Cage) along with Riley(Bartha) and Abigail who is looking for a Treasure which has been revealed that the treasure found by finding The Declaration of Independence. Initially Ben's Father was leading the search. Ian(Bean) is trying to steal it. It contains a map, an invisible map which leads to a treasure hunt so to speak. So they break into the Museum to steal the Declaration of Independence. In the meantime with no help with the FBI, Ben, Riley and Abigail, get caught in the lurch with Ian and his gang. However Ben turns FBI to his side, so when Ian they are caught breaking into a place, the FBI intercepts and arrests them.Benjamin Franklin according to film invented the Day Light Savings. Also it indicated the end of World War 2. Something like that.