Como el perro del hortelano

Como el perro del hortelano


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Trouble S (es) wrote: A masterpiece from India! Bajpai is terrific! Part 2 is equally tense!

Curt F (jp) wrote: Informative but not extremely well made or entertaining.

mary p (kr) wrote: excellent will see again

Amanda P (au) wrote: This is the definition of trying too hard to shock. It throws social taboos and fake blood around like confetti, but hides behind lovely art direction and "twist endings" to try to be anything but shlock. It fails. This is in the bottom 25 of all films I've sat through.

Samuel B (it) wrote: This movie was good til the end when the douche-bag gets away with murdering his ex-wife. Don't watch this movie, even though Kate Beckinsale is in it the end is too realistic in terms of the kind of crapola that actually happens and the selfish egos who insist on killing others rather then just killing themselves first. Depressing and irritating film.

Zach S (ca) wrote: Wow, was this boring. I do not understand why this was so popular. It was like half cartoon, and the rest just shirtless guys stabbing each other. Had absolutely no interest in the plot whatsoever.

John C (es) wrote: I vory but I'm 99.99% sure that I saw Jackie Burroughs on the Festival Express Train. Am I hallucinating or what? Please respond. J.

Chris B (de) wrote: Come on, Gackt and Hyde are in it!

Ryan S (au) wrote: Fantastic. It's nice to see a movie that focuses on the innocent victims of a senseless tragedy, as much as the perpetrators. 4.5 out of 5

Trisha L (jp) wrote: Very much enjoyed this movie. Kevin Spacey is AMAZING. And I didn't know anything about Bobby Darin's personal life. Well done.

Joanne E (de) wrote: Strange film. A model meets a new man, he takes her to a party in the country, leaves her there, she is drugged, wakes up with her dress on inside out then gets held prisoner in the country manor. The acting is pretty poor, the storyline weird and in the end a member of Auf Weidersein Pet turns up and saves the day...

Queenella K (de) wrote: another recommendation from 3 of my colleagues... Get to know more about their culture and values, yet at the same time i still dont get how they can go through it.. definitely a touching story especially the second half of the story...

Daniel C (au) wrote: Fleur freaked me out even when she wasn't a ghost. If any girl was to watch this and think it might be romantic to kill me and herself she's got another thing coming, and I hope it's judgment not reincarnation.

Umit S (ru) wrote: The Western Romantic Comedy First half of the movie was really funny, enjoyable and fast but only negative thing about the movie is second half was some slow. It is easy to predict the end of the movie maybe this one also makes you get bored before the movie's end is coming. Most of the movie watchers accept that Jack Nickholson's acting is great but especially I surprised in this movie that he is also very good at comedy acting. He acted in some dark and not funny characters at the past but he could choose comedy acting more. Other actors were also very good in the movie. Finally this movie is worth watching, enjoyable but also predictable. This is a western comedy but it includes also lots of romance. If you like to watch romantic-comedies, give this movie a try.

Fredrick W (ru) wrote: would love to own this movie

Ava O (es) wrote: good old sat. night horror fest movie

Erik B (kr) wrote: Franois Truffaut once wrote that Rene Clair only makes movies for old ladies who go to the cinema twice a year. And in this context, and ONLY this context, Franois Truffaut can be called a fucking moron. While "I Married a Witch" certainly has a big ol' age appropriate date stamp on it, it's so charming and thoroughly loveable that it's difficult to see whay anybody wouldn't fall for it. It's brisk, likeable and oozes charm.

Bill C (ag) wrote: Why can't Hollywood let a movie go "full Runyon?"

Lucas Z (mx) wrote: Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt carry this movie alongside a surprisingly wonderful performance by Amr Waked. This being said, the film was only okay. Solid story, makes you feel good and shows you beautiful scenery around the globe.