Como la vida misma

Como la vida misma


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Como la vida misma torrent reviews

Jamie P (au) wrote: so much dio in the opening scene.

Steve D (de) wrote: A great premise is wasted on a film that is just a poor excuse to make heroes and villains take swings at each other. The great Voice cast has nothing to do.

Robert F (gb) wrote: I didn't know what to think going into this. I had been watching previews of it for nearly a month on TVJapan(NHK). It looked like a cheesy scifi attempt.However, when it aired i was floored.The story had intrigue, and there was very likable characters.I was not familiar with the story before I watched it. So that was a treat. At first I really didnt know what was happening, and then it came the end you really dont realize that you had sat there for nearly 2.5 hours. It left you with questions. Many questions. And I was a little angry, because I was unaware of the sequels. But shortly after it finished NHK showed the trailer for the 2nd chapter.I really enjoyed it.

Alberto B (fr) wrote: 3 historias entrelazadas, gente de a pie en diferentes etapas de la vida (juventud, madurez, vejez) en el ambiente de barrio obrero del cinturn metropolitano barcelon (C)s. El popular Jos (C) Corbacho retrata a la Common People de L'Hospitalet con cario y con un espectro que va desde lo cmico a lo trgico, siempre con sensibilidad. A pesar de ello y de las buenas interpretaciones, queda la impresin de no haber visto nada nuevo, ni en el concepto ni en lo formal.

Shane Z (fr) wrote: 12-26-2013Eight years after getting a crash course in the fine art of personifying Christmas, Tim Allen returns as Kris Kringle's replacement in this sequel to The Santa Clause.While Scott (Tim Allen) had mixed feelings before is now getting use and enjoying being Father Christmas, he and the elves going to have another holiday season when things go a bit wrong. Scott's son Charlie (Eric Lloyd) starting to appear on the naughty list, he has to search for a new wife, and while doing that he made a robot Santa that's more Naughty than Nice, Scott has to save the North Pole and Christmas.It's not a bad film, it's harmless for family entertainment, but it had less charm than coal you're going to get in your stocking."The Santa Clause 2" doesn't have the level of charm as the original it has more level of predictability that tries to out - do the original which fails to do.

Jane L (au) wrote: Awful. Simply awful.

larry d (gb) wrote: i like this movie its one you can watch over and over with everyone in a family and its fun and one of hes best i think with kids in it

Eeliel L (au) wrote: Un guin encantador, grandes actuaciones, personajes completos y un hermoso mensaje.Prcticamente es una verdadera joya.

Anthony W (nl) wrote: Fabulous classic kung-fu film directed by and featuring Sammo Hung, and featuring an all-star cast including Lam Ching-Ying ("Mr Vampire", "The Prodigal Son"), Lee Hoi-San ("Magnificent Butcher"), Yuen Biao ("The Prodigal Son", "Eastern Condors", "Dragons Forever", "The Iceman Cometh"), Fung Hak-On ("Police Story", "Magnificent Butcher") and Leung Kar-Yan. Fantastic, with enough twists to elevate it from the usual martial arts fare, including not having the final battle take place on that hilltop! Check it out!

EZRAS H (ru) wrote: Oh, God! is flawed as far as the length of the film but, I found this film to be very great. It's worth checking out if you can. I give Oh, God! ****.