Como Nascem os Anjos

Como Nascem os Anjos

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Portuguese,English,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   news reporter,   tied up,  

Two children flee together with a grown up from a slum in Rio because this older person has had problems with the local drug lord. They end up in the house where a rich American lives with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Como Nascem os Anjos torrent reviews

Paul G (us) wrote: One of the worst (if not the worst) movies ever

Alex F (jp) wrote: Outstanding movie about the relationship between a kid and his family.

Sbastien D (it) wrote: Simon-olivier Fecteau est un gni. Super bien crit, ralis, produit etc..En plus j'ai tjrs trouv que Simon tait un excellent acteur. Je vais tjrs minterress au projet de Simon-Olivier. Je pourrais continuer longtemps crire des bon commentaires sur Simon et le film mais je vais simplement vous sugrer daller le voir!! Chapeau Simon-Olivier, mon idol du Qubec.

Riley H (ru) wrote: Pretty affecting. The time foolery doesn't always work to its advantage. Occasionally it's overly melodramatic.

Arash B (it) wrote: "I looked for Camilla everywhere,and everywhere I looked,all the faces seemed like mine.Tight. Worried. Lost. Faces with the blood drained away.Faces like flowers torn from their roots,the colors fading fast."

Patrick W (br) wrote: It is argued on the internet that this film is where the idea for The Hunger Games came from. After watching it, there are pretty striking similarities, although this movie is much more violent and graphic than The Hunger Games. Every year, Japan sends a 9th grade class into the Battle Royale to kill each other and crown a winner as a way of the adult population to maintain some level of control over the younger generation. It is pretty well acted and the script is a very interesting concept. The sheer brutality of it is probably more real-to-life as what would happen as some would care to admit. Great Japanese film.

Frankie A (ag) wrote: A curiosity. Barton Fink East (without the box) I spent the movie trying to figure out the sexuality of the old jazz singer which I learned was Jimmy Scott. His story is more interesting than the movie: "Little Jimmy Scott", he was one of ten siblings born to Arthur and Justine Scott. All ten sang in church with their musician mother. Both Jimmy and his brother Kenny suddenly stopped growing while in their early teens. It was later discovered that they both suffered from a rare and inherited condition known as Kallmann's Syndrome which causes hormone imbalances that render its sufferers into a perpetual state of pre-puberty. Also learned he was screwed by a record co. He sings the John Lennon song Jealous Guy in the hotel's bar. Worth watching for that - not much else.

Amanda L (ca) wrote: totally weird, strange movie; yet really great!

Florian F (de) wrote: awful boring crap. cant believe i managed to finish this...

Jed G (kr) wrote: It's no less cheesy and absurd than its predecessors, but Escape from the Planet of the Apes is one of the more original and character-oriented entries in the series, with a tense and inventive plot that has a refreshing modern feel to it.

Nathanael L (gb) wrote: Well, not much for this film worked, Nicholas Cage, in my opinion, just didn't fit the role, the ghost rider CGI looked good, or good enough for me, but the film had a weak plot, with some pointless characters.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Winds up with a scene in which a merry-go-round goes wild, spins like a pin wheel, and crashes in a gaudy blaze of explosions that no earthly carrousel could touch off. The movie itself is the same way: implausible but intriguing and great fun to ride.

Dimaris W (au) wrote: This was a really good film. I only watched it because of Jessica Chastain. She was amazing in it, but the storyline is quite bad :/ I only recommend it for Jessica Chastain fans because you have to see how amazing she is!!