Como perros y gatos

Como perros y gatos

Teen romance comedy.

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Rod G (kr) wrote: "El Mundo es Nuestro" usa el crowdfunding de forma hilarante y nos ensea que hablando se entiende la gente aunque tambin nos confunde y complica todo.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: Another review, scratched...grrr

Terje T (au) wrote: Quasi intellectual book and movie. Do something useful, and read Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum instead.

Kevin C (au) wrote: I got a chance to actually be on set as an extra for the filming of this, and the cast and crew and background extras all had a wonderful time. 12 hours shooting days, way too hot during the day and way too cold at night, but everybody soldiered on (some of us literally, in our armor). There were parts cut to shorten the movie that were in the original cut that I wish had made it, bits that looked like winners from my vantage point just off camera, but maybe they did not show as hilariously on camera. Peter Dinklage and his soliloquy about the game judges while supposedly under the influence of psychotropic mushrooms was amazing. It's good fun. Make up a batch of popcorn and fire up the television.

Peter Y (ca) wrote: um, well.... it looks nice.Yup, it's one of those again.Conceptually, this intrigued me by virtue of it being 99% pure marionette but while that was its biggest draw, it was also its biggest failing.Unlike in Team America where they switched to other means of puppetry when they needed to, Strings' insistance on being only marionette means that the film's pace is always limited to what is achievable with the puppets. Sad to say, what this means is that it is slow.Very slow.Mirrormask slow.It isn't helped by the other old failing of conceptually interesting film ideas; bad writing.While I understand that it was always meant to be a fairy-tale, there is never an excuse for bad plot and in this case, cliched plot. Sure there were interesting moments but these were fleeting and was at best a "gee, that's quite cool/clever" and never a "wow".It's a shame really.

Eliel L (ag) wrote: Un hermoso viaje a la creacin de Peter Pan, actuaciones de primera, una banda sonora exquisita y el aspecto mas importante la creatividad dentro de la elaboracin de la pelcula de cierto modo es mgica.

Adam K (br) wrote: your average b-rated horror film that would frequently appear as a late-night film on USA or on one of the showtime suspense channels highlighting bad horror films. john ritter is always fun to watch and this film can be enjoyed as long as its not taken seriously. comprised of three stories revolving around a house, ritter plays the desperate and "losing his mind" agent trying to sell it. again, needs to be watched without serious expectations, simply for the joy of b-rated thrillers.

Timothy J (gb) wrote: Da Niro and Crystal a pretty good pair in this film. Although I.thought it started out better than it finished.

Jayakrishnan R (it) wrote: 87%Watched this on 19/11/15Well shot, with a moving background score, sensible dialogue, a realistic story and above all fine performances especially from Thornton and child actor Lucas Black, Sling Blade is a memorable yet predictable drama film. The realistic life situations and the relation between Thornton and the boy's character makes the film rather special.

Guerrero D (fr) wrote: Good movie , i enjoyed watching it , decent story line and good animation

Terry T (es) wrote: One of the great moments of volume one of Kill Bill is when the Bride (Uma Thurman) goes to Japan to get a samurai sword master Hatori Hanzo. The scene is special because for a few minutes you can see a special appearance by one of the greatest action film icons Sonny Chiba. Sonny became world famous when starring in the Street Fighter trilogy, which in the Eastern martial arts film is an important classic. At that time the world was shocked by the unexpected death of Bruce Lee and as I said in another post the Chinese film industry exploded with double disappearance that dealt phony imitation of the actor. In Japan decided to take advantage of the furor he had with the martial arts film with a different idea. Not copied to Bruce Lee, but had a new kind of hero. In 1974, Toei Company production opened The Street Fighter, an ultra violent film as never seen so far and neither can be seen today. This project became Sonny Chiba international movie star. The hero kills the son and daughter of the offender ends up in a brothel operated as a sex slave. Tsurugi No one plays with. Then he charged the protection of the daughter of a businessman who wants to eliminate the Yakuza and gets into another problem, while has to deal with the offender released from prison and wants to avenge the death of their children. As I mentioned before, the action in this film was worked with extreme violence, so much so that in time The Street Fighter was rated X in the United States that is given to the production of pornography. They had to edit well enough to get the R rating (in Argentina amounts to "not suitable for children under 18 years") that did not help young people with access to the cinemas. The issue is that the protagonist leaves his opponents unconscious, but usually remove the throat and heart or stomach crosses them with his fist. An important set sail. This is another super classic of this genre that any fan of action movies East should miss.

Matt C (us) wrote: I have wanted to see this movie for a long time and it was worth the wait. What a sad and powerful film.

Sean T (kr) wrote: Thought-provoking and emotionally heavy, Eye In The Sky is tense from start to finish upon first viewing.

Jordan J (kr) wrote: It's just a good movie and that's all I have to say. I can't really review this movie because all I can say is that it's good.

Sukhitha J (br) wrote: This was a different, much better movie than what was advertised. The lonely island trio does it again.