Complex World

Complex World

Terrorists, political conspiracy, drugs and bad music. Just another night at the Heartbreak hotel.

Terrorists, political conspiracy, drugs and bad music. Just another night at the Heartbreak hotel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iain B (it) wrote: poor acting, bad script and dreadful editing... but it's the quo!

Sonu S (mx) wrote: The best telugu movie i have ever seen in life :-) No match

Baurushan J (gb) wrote: The story is set in Japan and stars Jackie Chan as Steelhead, a tractor repairman who while living his life as an immigrant, travels to Tokyo to in search for his missing girlfriend Xiu Xiu who vanished into thin air shortly after arriving in the city. After locating his brother Joe, Steelhead discovers that Xiu Xiu has adapted a Japanese identity and married up-and-coming yakuza chief Eguchi with whom he forms an uneasy alliance. Steelhead earns the respect of his fellow Chinese immigrants by establishing a place for them to gather. dark side still beckons to Steelhead, because after helping Eguchi with a powerful rival, he is granted full control of Shinjuku's most popular nightspots. Steelhead discovers a new love and opens a tractor-repair business just outside the city. When Eguchi begins using Steelhead's fellow immigrants as pawns to front the yakuza's drug trade, the vengeful immigrant returns to the city determined to exact justice, even if it means destroying the future of the woman he once loved. While this movie shows a decent message about the society and it works well as a drama with only one to ten percent of action, it doesn't deliver much and it is not that exciting nor interesting. It's just the innocent fighting over the dark side and winning their freedom in which we've seen this story many times; it's basically pride and prejudice. Shinjuku Incident gets a weak 6/10.

Clarice C (nl) wrote: II <333 STEVEN SEAGAL

Caitlin L (es) wrote: such a cute but sad true story

Tsukasa A (au) wrote: It's based on a true story. You can enjoy piano music played by David Helfgott himself. Geoffrey Rush won for Best Actor of Oscar.

Stephen H (mx) wrote: A strong performance by Denzel Washington as South African activist Steven Biko, whose campaign against apartheid cost him his life. The film loses its power following Biko's death, by focusing on Kevin Kline's character, a newspaper editor moved to activism by Biko.

Charles T (ru) wrote: It's been a while since I've seen it, but I do remember it was really, really dumb (which I guess is to be expected) and only occasionally funny. But, hey, it has Robert Picardo! :D

James R (ca) wrote: Enjoyable and silly at the same time.

Graham R (mx) wrote: This movie is endlessly bleak, depicting life without hope, without joy or laughter. In this sense, I think it overstates its case. There is no clear structure or narrative. The dialogue definitely has it's moments, but not consistently dazzling. This film is not a classic - for film buffs only.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: A blind man couldn't miss using buck shot.A small town during the gold rush is having issues getting gold from the town from the minds due to robbers and bandits stealing their transports. They hire an infamous man of the law and the war as a union soldier to help them with their problems. The law man arrives and is older than they anticipate. He hires two men to help him take out the bandits but the men have their own agendas, and it may not align with the law man's. The law man faces tough odds in his daunting task."I expected a younger man.""I used to be."Sam Peckinpah, director of Major Dundee, Straw Dogs, The Wild Bunch, The Getaway, The Killer Elite, Cross of Iron, Convoy, and The Osterman Weekend, delivers Ride the High Country. The storyline for this picture is actually fairly clever and intricate. There are several unique subplots that come together well. The acting is good and the cast includes Joel McCrea, Randolph Scott, Mariette Hartley, Edgar Buchanan, and Warren Oates. "I'm used to working with my brain not my backside."This was recommended to me by Fios so I instantly DVR'd it off cable. This was pretty good and had a lot going on worth following. This has enough unique elements to make it a nice addition to the genre and worth watching for western genre fans. I recommend watching this once."The mouth of a strange woman is a deep pit."Grade: B-

Sean M (br) wrote: Sergio Leone's debut film about the overthrow of a king. Leone's first film only presents mere sparks of his style and trademarks and gives us a little taste of whats to come from this legendary director.

Jonathan D (de) wrote: This movie moved me but it's a slow reveal and you need to be patient for the story to unfold. It is worth it in the end. This is a story that is a personal tale of bad luck and circumstance, and of humanity and love amidst the inhumanity of war. A war that is easily remembered with the seige of Sarajevo in our recent history. Penelope Cruz is a brilliant actor who always convinces me that she is the character she is playing. She delivers a real and believable performance. Adnan Haskovic is also well cast and is an affable character trying to help in war-torn Sarajevo. If there is a misstep in casting it would be the casting of Emile Hirsh. I couldn't get over his resemblance to Jack Black despite a good dramatic role. His man-child role although integral to the plot, was distracting only for the physical resemblance to Mr. Black. Despite this, he plays his role well. It is a movie worth seeing and considering if sometimes secrets are necessary.