I complessi is a 1965 commedia all'italiana film compesed by three episodes.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:episodic,   italy,   twins,  

In the first episode, Quirino tries to conquer Gabriella, lover of Alvaro, with the complexity of shyness. In the second part, Prof. Beozi, in order to avoid a scandal, ends up in a raid of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Complexes torrent reviews

Eric M (gb) wrote: the movie is a low budget piece of crap, bad acting, apart from the opening scenes the film lacks soundtrack and the theme is simply a bad repeat of 24

Kevin M W (us) wrote: Occasionally, by pure happenstance, one runs into a surprise, a B-movie (or in today's terminology: direct to DVD) that's actually better than you might've thought, and herein is an good example. A dark comedy about cutthroat office politics that's really a charmer due to the sure hand of the director, Tim Cox, who knows when to feature what actor where. There's a lull in the middle of it, but it doesn't last too long. By and large a good film.

Shaun M (us) wrote: This movie is a good time. What a character, what an ending.

i C (gb) wrote: 7/10back then it was great

Aaron C (gb) wrote: Featuring catchy classical numbers, dynamic performances, an infectiously retro vibe, and impressive costume and production design, Chicago is a musical extravaganza that's toe-tapping fun while also having a coherent story behind all the flare and eye candy.

Zack B (nl) wrote: Before Paul Greengrass lent his shaky-cam realism to the latter two Bourne films, he lent it to this devastating true story. I can see why he was desired for the Bourne films. He knows how to enter into action in such a way as to make us aware of both the calculation and the confusion of it. In Bloody Sunday, the violence rises from suggestion to full out massacre. No matter how much talk there is in the beginning of the film of a threat of bloodshed, and no matter the hindsight of history, the scenes depicting the actual killings are as harrowing and moving as anything I've seen using gritty, realistic violence.

Facebook U (it) wrote: Some good and original ideas. But why scatological jokes again? Only englishes can find it funny. Possibly it is homer-sexual jokes because it has the same effect as two guys kissing. Blech! Otherwise, the whole thing made a lot of sense. The villain, Pascal Sauvage, had a great plan that could probably work in real life: make an island a prison. The englishes did it many times, notably with Australia. So, I was rather disappointed when Sauvage lost it in the end. And like a big crybaby, as if kings were like that. The chase scene was original. The girl is really beautiful. Malkovitch was great with a good accent, except at the very end. Really, the film would have been better if the french had won. Then a rematch would have been obligated, etc.

Jonathan S (br) wrote: Only Sam Hell ("Rowdy" Roddy Piper) can impregnate the future...after battling giant mutant frog people.

Tom M (fr) wrote: Fairly dry and not much of a story but decent performances and beautiful cinematography make it feel like more than it is. Certainly nowhere near Mitchum, Monroe, or Preminger's best.If you've a comfortable familiarity with 50s westerns and know how they speak you'll be able to dig out some good themes and interesting commentary, but most of it will be you projecting onto the movie and helping it make more of a statement than it does on its own.Good for a light afternoon, but probably not something I'll return to down the line.

Thomas B (ca) wrote: Great performances from Humphrey Bogart and Betty Davis. (Ps: Betty Davis was my Mothers favorite Actress)

Tisha R (kr) wrote: I thought this was a great movie. Any child who watches it will most certainly love it.

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