Complicated Women

Complicated Women

A look at actresses who starred in films with thought-provoking subjects made between 1929-1934 - before the Hollywood Production Code was enforced.

A look at actresses who starred in films with thought-provoking subjects made between 1929-1934 - before the Hollywood Production Code was enforced. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Waleed A (us) wrote: different but lots of funny parts and a good parody of old Mexican movies (2 views)

Bobby L (nl) wrote: An immersive film that takes it's time to set up everything and let in unfold naturally, almost. The ending seems hurried and slightly out place. The acting is really strong though and I liked how it showed to deal with people who have nothing.

Alysia V (nl) wrote: If you want to see a movie with lots of boobs, sentences lined with cussing, bad acting, a plot that goes nowhere and random sex scenes then hey! This movie is just your thing! But me? Well, those things just don't do it for me. Val Kilmer, what's happened to you? I miss the days of "Tombstone" and "The Doors." Come back!

Pin S (br) wrote: Had a really good social message...only if everyone thought of this way, this world would be a better place to live. The action sequences were amazing and Salman and Tabu acted well. The songs could have been better though! I really enjoyed it!

JJ C (gb) wrote: #2 Christmas movie behind Jingle All The Way

Al K (gb) wrote: It's an okay movie that finally found a cure for the girl/woman

aaron s (kr) wrote: this story would have been better 5 years later, the effects are less than impressive, and the casting is a little iffy, and i don't like Ang Lee very much, and what he did with paneling movie to make it look like a comicbook was just distracting and unnecessary.

Davey M (au) wrote: Imagine Raging Bull as a Woody Allen comedy-drama-mockumentary-jazz biopic and you'll have a vague idea of what to expect. A strange, strange film, but a brilliant and beautiful one.

Louise C (au) wrote: Well, acted, but truely perverted...I loved every minute!

Duncan K (de) wrote: Women sexually harassing men is a serious issue because often the man in question will not be believed, will not have anyone take the case seriously, or at worst have the case be flipped against him and he will be charged for sexual harassment. This is a very serious issue that not many people even bother mentioning and this movie just throws it completely down the toilet by just using the plot to show sex scenes.

Ryan H (fr) wrote: The apex of the buddy cop comedy action thriller. It is such an influential movie to the action genre that I recommend everyone see it.

Orlok W (kr) wrote: Monkey see, monkey don't--An Entertaining & Cunning Piece of Work!!

Wes S (de) wrote: The worst in the Gamera film series in my opinion, but to be honest it's one of the better stories. The kids are incredibly annoying in this film and the plot is pretty stupid, with cheesy fights, scenes and the sets. Guiron looks terrible yet he's interesting. It's a great MST3K episode though, but I've seen this movie so many times without MST.

Edgar C (jp) wrote: A cultural collage of colossal allegorical meaning; an almighty imagery and a traditional musical score create and absorbing inner world of thousands of different perspectives about the same elements of life and Nature themselves. Extraordinary triumph for the history of cinema thanks to Parajanov, the master of visual artistry. 100/100

Michael T (jp) wrote: Enjoyable rip-off of ET.

Matt B (au) wrote: I always finish a movie no matter how egregious it may be. My Super Ex-Girlfriend was one of the toughest sit-throughs of my life. I still can't believe I made it through without killing myself.

Aman A (mx) wrote: Powerful acting and incredibly intelligent, this movie is a treat. It might not be as fast paced as expected but like all road trips, it has its lulls and its adventures!

Joe C (ru) wrote: Funny as heck!!! Stanley Tucci steals the show as "Muerte"! Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid do a great job as spies who want out of the business but end up getting pulled back in. Lots of good actors in this film. Made me laugh out loud several times. The baby is too darn cute as well! Loved this movie!!!