• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Tagalog,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Compound 2006 full movies, Compound torrents movie

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Compound torrent reviews

Matthew V (it) wrote: A fantastic movie that has a lot more brains, energy and laughs than the average raunchfest comedy.

Ian G (fr) wrote: Antiviral is an interesting first step for Brandon Cronenberg since there are a lot of comparisons than can be made in terms of subject matter to his father David's early work ranging from the Brood, Dead Ringers and the Fly, particularly the creepy fascination of the merging of everything organic and synthetic along with sketchy fascinations with the seedier side of normal behavior. In this case, Brandon has created a little tale of the nature of celebrity and the lengths some people go to to be closer to the stars they idolize, in this case purchasing the varying Hollywood viruses that are rampaging along Sunset Boulevard. When the lastest epidemic is discovered and accidently infects the star scientist Caleb Jones, we going down the prototypical rabbit hole to try and figure out a way to cure and monopolize on the discovery before Caleb becomes a commodity himself. The biggest difference between father and son really here is just hi def production feel and a lot of sterile environments that come into play otherwise seems to be an on the nose tribute to his dad. Average since it doesn't really add anything new but an interesting watch to see if the Cronenberg creepiness is still able to affect all these years later.

Raf G (jp) wrote: first film make me cry..

Jason E (ag) wrote: Patrick Wilson and Kate Winslet have great chemistry on screen. The film doesn't hold back when showing the true colors of its characters. I found myself constantly shifting opinions on these characters throughout the movie, as I was manipulated to do so.

Drew M (nl) wrote: I just don't see the appeal of this movie. The acting is solid and the visuals are pleasant, but the movie is unbelievably boring and goes nowhere. There's literally thousands of movies more interesting than this.

Parsa F (gb) wrote: Didn't they end up making like 17 of these?

James C (de) wrote: Romantic and melodramatic. Although I am sure I could find plenty of things wrong with it if I tried to analyze everything it moved me a great deal and for that alone I give it five stars.

TheScarlatescu R (de) wrote: I liked the fact that it lived up to its name

Drew M (de) wrote: I think this one got a bit of a rough treatment. Granted, it is a poor man's Videodrome, but its commentary on ad culture and gaze towards the future of digitizing celebrities is quite prophetic. Not the best constructed film though... One of the first instances of pre-Tron CGI.

Christopher S (au) wrote: The Maysles brothers and Charlotte Zwerin's documentary portrait of down-and-out Bible salesmen brilliantly conveys an atmosphere of desperation - with its effective, gritty black and white photography and fascinating characters. Despite some very compelling moments, it does go on too long (it gets off to a very slow start) and never quite reaches the heights you'd expect it to. Still, a very interesting documentary.

Kevin C (au) wrote: Great learning about a film genre--film noir. And cool enjoying a classic film that inspires my Middlest

Nicol M (jp) wrote: Despite the great cast , Justin Timberlake's great performance above all, this is not a really good movie. It's the real story of a young criminal and his friends. The Rap music in the background enhance the violent story.

Emily B (ru) wrote: Too slow and not enough gore to be as good as Blood Feast but it still has some fun moments, including anytime the crazy beatnik couple are onscreen. 'Dig that crazy driftwood!'

Matthew M (kr) wrote: This movie is a musical inspiration! It has dazzling visuals, catchy music, thoughtful storyline, decent jokes, and both unforgettable and memorable characters.

Dillon L (nl) wrote: Great beginning to a fun franchise

jumpit j (es) wrote: Rating: 0.5/5Reason for the Rating: This is why married couples can't have nice things.Pros: Homey don't play dat!Cons: the whole damn thing. But specifically (spoilers ahead):1. A loving, nurturing husband and father who provides a rich lifestyle for his family is cheated on by his narcissistic wife.2. Husband finds out, meets guy wife is doing, has a mental breakdown, kills guy.3. Wife finds out, pissed at husband, even though husband tries to console her. She shows no remorse for how this will impact her family.4. Husband turns himself in. The biggest loser? The child.Who will like this movie? Passive aggressive chicks with issues and chicks in relationships who fantasize about having an affair and most likely are making their SO miserable.