A strange and destructive relationship develops between a chef and her neighbor, a former child actress.

A strange and destructive relationship develops between a chef (Heather Graham) and her neighbor (Carrie-Anne Moss), a former child actress, who both suffer from various degrees of obsessive disorders and live in slightly skewed worlds of their own making. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jordan K (gb) wrote: Awesome Flick. Sometimes those 99 Cent iTunes rentals aren't half bad

Miguel R (de) wrote: Horrible at its finest, The House at the End of the Streets provides a crappy storyline with Jennifer Lawrence being the only positive aspect of the film

Gabe C (es) wrote: I feel bad for the people who see this crapload called a movie.

Logan M (kr) wrote: In an unusual turn for Spike Lee, "Inside Man" is a crafty and engrossing heist film.

Tea R (au) wrote: Film koji je na pocetku nesto obecavao a onda se pretvorio u nesto neobicno, nerazjasnjeno i bezvezno. Steta

Kyle M (kr) wrote: A standalone Marvel flick that was typically-stylized like the others that were released around its time, but this particular shot tried to maintain the entertainment value when it wasn't packed enough to that value due to some poor execution of the story. Garner did a better maintaining job of reprising her character when given a spotlight exploring her story as she's reflecting herself while bringing in at least good action pieces that this film has benefited from, even though there were flaws given/developed. Overall, the film sometimes has its moments from Garner and the action pieces she brought, but the film's level is between the lowest and the below average Marvel film. (B-)(Full review coming soon)

Sara B (kr) wrote: Forgot how much I liked this movie!

Keith P (ag) wrote: As seen on Telefutura. It also stars a pre-"The Office" Melora Hardin.

Andy J (ca) wrote: Leisurely-paced like no films are anymore, this is a solid, entertaining western about the changing landscape and values post-WWII. Its fun watching Jason Robards sink his teeth into a very sinister role, and Richard Farnsworth (in an Oscar-nominated role) is excellent as a supporting character. Another solid addition to 1970s cinema.

victor l (us) wrote: A film that looks cheap and simply structured but it manages great suspense mixed with a tribute to Karloff's remarkable career in horror movies. Bogdanovich had a big debut as a director with this movie.

Andr D (ru) wrote: Maravillosa y muy romantica cinta acerca de una pareja de recien casados que trata de ajustarse a su nueva vida, con todo lo que esto implica. Robert Redford y Jane Fonda no podrian estar mejor en esta adaptacion de la obra de Broadway escrita por el gran Neil Simon.

Gareth D (br) wrote: One of the greats. A masterclass in editing. My only bugbear is it clips along too quickly with never a quiet moment. Hugely visual with a dialogue so rapid the characters inhabit a silent film. But the best films can be judged as silents, so it works whichever way.

Wes S (us) wrote: Nothing too special here. These bland couples with their bland stories while the rest of the world dies off more interestingly, it really isn't exciting. The movie tries to be tasteful and artful with the concept, but it just comes off as missing.