The story of "The Tolpuddle Martyrs". A group of 19th century English farm labourers who formed one of the first trade unions and started a campaign to receive fair wages.

The story of "The Tolpuddle Martyrs". A group of 19th century English farm labourers who formed one of the first trade unions and started a campaign to receive fair wages. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (mx) wrote: Forsythe is fantastic in his role as John Wayne Gacy. Jesse Moss is also very good but I couldn't help but have problems with his character. Not at the fault of Moss mind you, but because his transformation is all too sudden. The film is already 1.75 hours long and yet it needed another 15 minutes to allow for the transition of the main character to make sense.As it is, the film gives the impression that having someone tell you to have sex with your brother over the phone would make you lose your mind. I personally think laughing after you've hung up the phone and the words "Man that dude is one sick mother" coming out of your mouth would make more sense. I guess they are trying to go for that whole Hannibal Lecter making you do things just by the sound of his voice ability, but seeing as how this is based on true events, I just don't buy into it with this film.The film is decent, but it could be much better.

Ricky C (nl) wrote: This film is about a woman who will stop at nothing to prevent her brother-in-law from marrying another woman.

Steve W (de) wrote: I'll give this movie 3 and a half stars for the solid premise and really good acting. The only thing holding this movie back is the weak third act. It does give us a very fresh and original storyline with some compelling themes about prejudice, but the ending is poor.

MEC r (nl) wrote: This movie could have been better than it was.

Keshav P (mx) wrote: In the movie Costner plays a guy named Roy McAvoy who's trying to win the U.S Open. In real life Rory McIlroy, who's name is almost exactly the same as Costner's character, wins the U.S Open 15 years after this movie was released. Hell of a coincidence! As for the movie I wasn't expecting much but Costner's acting makes this movie a hole in one

Leah T (de) wrote: My absolute absolute favorite Italian film of all times! THe kids and how obnoxious they are is hysterical. ANd the story its self was sweet too.

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Keith P (au) wrote: This is suprisingly dark and a bit scary compared to Disney's version. What a stunningly beautiful fairy godmother though!

Ryan M (es) wrote: I think the reviewers so far have largely sold this film short. Yes the idea of hypnotic inducement to crime is pretty dubious, but in 'Whirlpool' it's really just a plot point embedded in a broader study of trust, pathology, and love. Conte's characterization is maybe clouded or undermined by his history as an actor cast primarily in proletarian-type roughneck roles, but the complicated chemistry of Bickford, Ferrer, and Tierney is compelling enough to imbue the movie with its necessary suspense -- its dread even (there's a moment maybe 4/5 of the way through where the case on Tierney seems closed and one really gets to thinking that the whole affair is going to collapse into devastation unthinkable for a typical Hollywood film). Preminger maybe fails in scripting Bickford's character as alternatively resigned and resourceful, creating an aftereffect not of psychological complexity but of semi-routine B-picture mental machinations -- more narratively functional than inherently interesting. Still, 'Whirlpool' has an appealing darkness and pays at least small dividends of thematic satisfaction.

Mark B (fr) wrote: Over-rated WW2 equivalent of "All Quiet on the Western Front". Mixing archive footage with a dramatised account would work well - if the drama was believable. As it is, the joins between reality and fiction are all too clear.

Seth G (au) wrote: Suspenseful , bloody , and smart . this movie is a great horror movie .