Con ánimo de lucro

Con ánimo de lucro


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:30 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Catalan,Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Con ánimo de lucro torrent reviews

Luke P (kr) wrote: A great script and soild performances by Helen Mirren and Michael Sheen help the queen overcome its flaws

Alec L (gb) wrote: Enjoyable comedy if rather basic and ridiculous.

Chris W (br) wrote: Been on my watch list since I first wrote it years ago

Tony L (es) wrote: Eriq La Salle plays a character unlike his other roles in this great pseudo religious yarn. Excellent acting by Beach as well. I went into the movie with no knowledge of it and was pleasantly surprised.

Andrew R (us) wrote: Pretty good, for a first film, and for what it is.

Debra W (gb) wrote: Non-stop action with great special effects and martial arts by Olivier Gruner.

Mercer M (ag) wrote: Saw this yesterday and it's probably the most underrated movie of all time. HILARIOUS!

Jason D (us) wrote: At the ripe age of 14 (when I first saw this film), I was introduced to the world of the bizarre, and I never looked back. The Dark Backward is the very unique story (written and directed by Adam Rifkin at a very young age) about a failing comedian/garbage man, Marty, (Judd Nelson) who performs atrocious comedy bits at small, seedy clubs. He's accompanied by his only friend Gus (Bill Paxton who, honestly, steals this movie away), a creepy and disgusting person who rides the coattails of Marty's success (or lack thereof). Things change for the both of them when Marty starts to develop a third arm on his back. Soon, both men hook up with a talent agent (played hilariously by none other than Wayne Newton) and they start to take their show on the road, which is still pretty awful. This film is filled to the brim with hilarious and disgustingly bizarre moments that are eerily close to having a Tim Burton and David Lynch feel to them. The film is fantastic and Paxton really DOES steal the movie away (especially with his creepy and disgusting character who has a penchant for morbidly obese women, consuming dog poo, and sexually assaulting dead women) from Nelson's character, who really should have been the heart of the story. Lara Flynn Boyle, James Caan, and Rob Lowe show up in the film as well, each one having an against type role from their usual line of work. I'm happy to see that, to this day, Nelson and Paxton still appreciate this movie and cherish it and are not embarrassed by it. Truly a unique and original film.

Joseph M (kr) wrote: Would be 5 star if it was in english

Hannah D (kr) wrote: I only watched this because my dad went to the trouble of renting it for me. To be honest it's not really my kind of film, and I found it a little bit boring. The script is good, but the storyline is just not something that interests me much.

Kyleigh T (br) wrote: I personally think that this was cute. Although it was terribly cheesy, but it made me cry.

Andrea M (ru) wrote: A funny film, yet I found it nowhere near as good as A Fish Called Wanda. On its own, it's a perfectly decent comedy, yet I just didn't feel anything special or wonderful about Fierce Creatures

Kevin B (br) wrote: this was and is a great peac of comady