Con licencia para matar

Con licencia para matar


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Joel C (fr) wrote: Don't watch this boring piece of shit, avoid it.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A sharp and intelligent social commentary with strong performances and a multilayered narrative that examines the value of human life in our world and interweaves the perspectives of three characters to show the irremediable impact that people have on each other's lives.

James H (nl) wrote: F.W. Murnau's last film is a brilliantly photographed story of a romance on the south seas island of Boru Boru. Touchingly made, engrossing still after 75 years. Simply filmed and the native cast do remarkable. This film is a piece of history.There is no other film quite like it. Innovative film making at its best.

linds b (ag) wrote: Megapiranha is one the biggest triumphs of the year. The combination of prestigious actors and top-notch animation makes this scyfy movie comparable to avatar. :D

CorrinaBing B (ru) wrote: Lovely cheesy movie, please love it.

Michael U (nl) wrote: Love Helen Hunt so wanted to like this. It seemed forced and messy. I didn't really care.

Claudia C (ca) wrote: I LOVE THIS MOVIE. It was just as good as I had remembered it to be. This movie inspired many of my young fashion choices. And I love when they talk to the camera.

Richard A (br) wrote: Everything I wanted "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" to be! Shameful "Aliens" rip-off with dinos, even having a forklift vs T-Rex fight at the end.

Nick N (us) wrote: Dated, derivative, disjointed...but still kinda hot.

Justin R (nl) wrote: Hokey, and probably mostly made-up. James Cagney's good, but he can't make this more than just tolerable.

Timm S (ca) wrote: You Gotta Wonder Who The Prisoners Are Hrmm? It Wasn't Enjoyable To Watch & The 'War On Terror' Really Has Questionable Motivations. It Really Is A Wicked, Geo-Political Problem With No Clear End In Sight.

Michael S (nl) wrote: Bad, don't waste your valuable time.