Con Men

Con Men

Two con artists go after the wrong score and pay the price for getting caught.

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Con Men torrent reviews

Tamnna B (de) wrote: Love it ???best movie so far ?

Canem C (us) wrote: not like wild hogs, but kinda funny with the shroom-stoned acting...oh, and awesome hard-rocking soundtrack...

Jillian A (au) wrote: Oh my gosh so adorable! What a classic

Jorri H (nl) wrote: Silly, but fun. Plus I just love dogs!!

Robert B (es) wrote: Karate and truck drivers were popular for about 3 seconds in the 70s, so why not make a movie that combines both? And if you do, get the man that can do just about anything: Chuck Norris. This movie has a pretty shaky premise, but as any Chuck affienado will tell you, never mess with anybody from Chuck's immediate family, or even anybody he has remote contact with. Chuck is a one man wrecking crew for most of the this movie, as he destroys the competition at an arm wrestling contest, and than proceeds to burn the whole town down. The main villian though doesn't get his dose of Chuck punishment, and all that is shown is truck driving through his home. But the final fight is probably Chuck's finest, as he doesn't even let his opponent get a shot in. The unneeded slow motioning of "DAWES, YOU SONOFA BITTTTCCHH", was completly awesome and hilarious. Of couse Chuck delivers of the kick of mass justice to his chest and kills him. Not good by any stretch, but still at least entertaining for Chuck's fans.

Trevor F (fr) wrote: not Disney's best. had some fun moments but overall pretty standard animated movie.

Marcus M (it) wrote: Bresson, Tarkovsky, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Bergman if you like these guys, then you would probably hate Manborg.

Rebecca W (mx) wrote: Watching now, hope it's good!!

Wilson M (nl) wrote: To be honest, I do not know why this movie has such a low rating... I loved this movie because it was part of my childhood that I will always remember. The movie was funny, intense, and interesting. I loved everything about the movie!

Enaid N (au) wrote: Ending was a bit cheezy, but overall I enjoyed it.

Guillaume L (de) wrote: Regarder le film de 2e partie de soiree sur TF1 n'a pas du m'arriver souvent, on ne m'y reprendra plus. Hormis la fin narnaresque avec un mechant qui refuse de mourir et qui vocifere a tout-va, un navet policier avec 2 de tension.

Pamela D (nl) wrote: Three excellent, thoughtful and creepy vignettes. A real gem!