A group of bored well-off young adults come up with anarchic concept of Conceptionism, that promotes absolute looseness when it comes to sex and drugs, but total rejection of money and ego. However, their movement won't last long.

Alex, Lino e Liz são filhos de diplomatas que vivem juntos em Brasília num apartamento vazio, sem os pais, e cheio de quinquilharias globalizadas. Trocam afetos variados alheios ao mundo. Entediados, tentam viver cada dia como se fosse único. O processo radicaliza quando X, uma pessoa sem nome e sem passado, entra na casa e propõe ir sem freios na idéia de viver apenas um dia. Pra isso propõe um falso movimento chamado Concepcionismo, que consiste em morte ao ego, ser tudo de todas as maneiras, abolir o dinheiro entre outras coisas, seguir o caminho do excesso, nem que para isso seja necessário drogas, documentos falsos, total despudor. O mundo seria um grande teatro e o concepcionista um criador de personagens que duram apenas 24 horas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Diogo P (us) wrote: A nice balance of comedy and horror. It has some really funny scenes and nasty moments aswell.

Robert H (nl) wrote: Transsexuals aren't really a group of people that I can say I understand, but TRANSAMERICA did a pretty good job of helping me get what a trans person might go through. Felicity Huffman plays Bree, a pre-op transsexual woman who finds out she has a son that she fathered a long time ago. What ensues is a kind of road movie that shows how the relationship between that son and her develops. What really makes this film stand out is the excellent lead performance by Felicity Huffman who, despite being a woman, did a great job of portraying a pre-op transsexual. Maybe they could have gone with an actual trans person, but Felicity Huffman did just fine. I also thought the supporting cast did great as well. What didn't always work for me was some of the humor and situations that Bree and her son were put into. Due to being a road movie, the film also felt a bit episodic at times. And, when they arrive at Bree's parents' home the film got a little too melodramatic for my tastes. My favorite part of the film came before this part when Bree meets a kind Native American man in a bar after having her car stolen. He was able to see past Bree's exterior to what she was on the inside: a nice person deserving of respect just like everyone else. And I suppose if the film has a message that it wants to convey, it's that trans people are just as human as the rest of us and deserve the same respect afforded to everyone else who is "normal." Overall, I did enjoy the film although it goes some places dramatically that it didn't necessarily have to go. I don't really see this film having too wide of an audience, but this indie gem is well worth seeing nevertheless.

Shawn H (us) wrote: Mr. Jeremy sir just wanted you to know you are the man. And your my hero.

Samuel M (es) wrote: Ben Affleck is the bomb in Phantoms, yo!

electric b (it) wrote: Funny, strong lead character

greeil428 (us) wrote: Jack Lemon is fantastic...Virna Lisi easy on the eyes. Funny story .

George B (au) wrote: Recently watched and amazed how well it's holding up. A little slow, but very cinematic and all the Kurosawa "goods" -- angles, composition,cutting-- still there in a living color.

jay n (jp) wrote: Standard boys to men saga with a bit of tortured romance thrown in made far better than it should be by Richard Widmark.

James C (gb) wrote: Hahahahahaha, he knew I'd rate it this.

Greg W (jp) wrote: 2009 best foregin film oscar winner bears little remblence to the 2015 american remake