Concrete Blondes

Concrete Blondes

Three down-on-their-luck, twenty-something female roommates are living paycheck to paycheck in a rundown apartment, when one night they stumble across $3 million dollars in a suitcase amidst the bloody aftermath of a drug shootout. Despite wanting to keep the money and smuggle it out of the country, the girls are forced into a final showdown and must face off against seasoned criminals who want the cash for themselves.

A wild, party-night out leads three twenty-something women to stumble on a suitcase with 3 million dollars in cash. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Li K (de) wrote: I was deeply moved by the acts performed by Rocky Bratt, the staff at the orphanage and the children who inhabit it while watching this movie. From what I could see many acts of generosity, selflessness and love contributed positively to the lives of the families within the orphanage.However, there were numerous instances during the viewing of this film when I was struck with unease regarding the portrayal of Bratt as selfless saviour as well as the portrayal of the community where he worked. I also found some of Bratt's behavior to be professionally questionable. Below are some instances in the film that contributed to my unease.With regard to professional responsibility, I found the instances when Bratt and Hoover sought comfort from the children in the orphanage during their times of grief troubling. For example, when the young girl dies half way through the film, I found it inappropriate for Bratt to relay the details of her death and seek emotional support from a child living in the orphanage.Also, related to the girl's death mentioned above, both Hoover and Bratt express frustration that she was not taken to the hospital before becoming mortally ill. No discussion regarding the subjects of poverty, access to services, poor education or skepticism of institutions were suggested as possible barriers to her family seeking medical care. What was portrayed was that the community's faith and social practices alone prevented a visit to the hospital. Considering that Bratt had decided to marry into the community portrayed in this film, I would have thought some research into the daily circumstances of the inhabitants warranted.Finally, at no point are people from the community interviewed about their lives, beliefs and practices. Bratt mentioned that the community was outraged to find out that the orphanage cared for children and families living with HIV. I also got the impression that Bratt disapproved of the community's response. As a health care worker I am well aware of the stigma, fear and misconceptions often linked to HIV and AIDS in almost all cultural settings. I would have thought someone working within the HIV community would have been aware of these social barriers and would have done some legwork within the community regarding.In conclusion, Blood Brothers is an evocative portrait of one man's struggle to find his place in the world. Unfortunately, it's portrayal of the the international medical relief work performed by this man is lacking in depth and analysis. As such, I did respond emotionally to the powerful acts of kindness perpetrated by the protagonist and others in the film. However, my need for transparency in documentary film making culminating in a thorough analysis of as many points of view of the topic portrayed was thwarted. I do believe this discrepancy may be a result of the predominantly faith based perspective of the filmmakers.


Terry G (de) wrote: Obvious / predictable... which I find fun. But the main story is bitter and spiteful, perhaps just to prop up the ending. I like bittersweet stories -- not bitter b*tches.

v c (ru) wrote: Sad and good a girlie thing!! Men would not care to watch or give good ratings!!

Anthony L (au) wrote: This movie should have been on Grindhouse to be a double feature with Machete.

Rostek P (nl) wrote: Enjoyable! Smart! Some nice acting. But in the end I've seen that many times before.

MacKenie S (mx) wrote: i literally thought this was the funniest fucking movie ever fucking made... wait its NOT supposed to be a comedy?

Emiliano R (jp) wrote: Una joyita del cine argentino, historias mnimas pero bien ntimas, esas situaciones que parecen triviales pero que definen nuestro ser. Emotiva, conmovedora y realista, con importantes trabajos interpretativos y unas bellas imgenes de la estepa patagnica.

Alexander W (gb) wrote: Funny, charming, and well-written.

Lewis E (it) wrote: Aaah man that was straight out of the sheep's ass. I should have known since it is a movie about zombie sheep after all. IGN for some reason felt the need to put it on their 'horrors to watch' list but everything from its acting, comedy and cheap plastic gore was terrible. If there ever was a zombie apocalypse of any kind, make them watch this as I'm sure they would then blow their own heads off.

Graham M (gb) wrote: The film begins with insecure Banderas almost committing a rape and confessing to four murders that he likely didn't commit. The rest of the film is largely about the strange love affair between his master and his lawyer. I think Almodovar focused on the wrong story here.....

The Critic (kr) wrote: Sample dialogue, most likely imporovised: "Oh, Samuel. You broke my 49-cent thing. I really did like that thing. You're a bad cat. You really are." Incredibly stupid and pointless, but at least all concerned know it, this sequel to the 1958 sci-fi horror classic is more like a drug-infused hallucination than a competent contribution to cinema, but does inspire the occasion chuckle and features a memorable brief performance from Burgess Meredith. Also known as 'Son of the Blob', 'Son of Blob' and 'The Blob Returns'.

Kinohi N (ru) wrote: Astounding "lost" work of avant-garde documentary filmmaking. Greaves gives his cast and crew an impossibly difficult movie to make, all the while documenting their angst and frustration over pinpointing his artistic "meaning." Makes for fascinating, self-reflexive viewing, and captures the essence of what the homeless person at the end of the film means when he says, "You're making a movie. So who's doing the moving?"

Sonya Denise D (ag) wrote: It's sweet and entertaining, but it's very VERY LONG!

Robert P (ru) wrote: Cracking picture of sin and redemptionTrademark Rosselinin march to the gallows executed (pardon the pun) with expertise and beauty

Jerem M (gb) wrote: There are some outrageous moments in this classic crime drama - Orson Welles' character remarks that he's taken the case so as not "to deny the rich the same rights as the poor" (LOL, okay, sure...) - but overall Compulsion is a compelling look into the mind of the murderer, as well as the criminal justice system. Even the lead characters' homosexuality is portrayed with some pinache for 1959. Solid performances all around don't hurt either. Alongside In Cold Blood, this is one of the great thrill-killer movies ever made.

Katharine C (ag) wrote: Fluffy, but I was in the mood for it.

Federico F (ag) wrote: Fabulous mixed modern comedy at a casual romance

Walter V (nl) wrote: not as entertaining as pumping iron but still very good

Justin A (au) wrote: It gets compared to The Howling and An American Werewolf in London, but I found it more comparable to Cat People (albeit, this one with wolf people instead of cat people). It's a bit slow to get going, but the final act is great. The POV of the wolves gets tiresome, so seeing the wolves snarling and howling in the final act as they kill and terrorize people is much more exciting than the first hour or so. There's a bit of blood with a pretty good decapitation scene in the movie. A very overlooked and under appreciated "werewolf" movie, but maybe not a classic either. Worth checking out if you like the aforementioned movies.