Condition Red

Condition Red

Prison guard falls in love with inmate. She wants him to let her escape.

Prison guard falls in love with inmate. She wants him to let her escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luc T (ru) wrote: Better than the first, but it if still horrible

Ernest C (mx) wrote: Cumberbatch sensitively portrays Hawking's early years at Cambridge and the early development of motor neuron disease in a film that places as much weight on the humanity of the characters as much as the incredible science.

Patrick B (it) wrote: Antonio Campos' debut feature "Afterschool" is particularly appealing to me because I am a teenager who studies A/V in high school, and I respond to the feelings and emotions of the character, played subtly yet clearly by Ezra Miller. While some may find Campos' slow direction and often static camera shots grueling, I found them appealing as a visual que at the isolation and claustrophobia that the characters place on themselves because of websites like YouTube. "Afterschool" pulls no punches and takes a lot of twists and turns, and many may crash and burn on the way.

Antti V (de) wrote: Osuva ja rehev, mutta ohut kuva kirjailijan elmst. Murrekieli tahattoman kmpelo?

Private U (de) wrote: Minus Ashlee Simpson, this movie was good.

Natasha M (us) wrote: Yawn! Pretentious arty crap! Long lasting shots of nothing. Long lasting shots of actors trying to look deep. Sex. Rape. Murder and suicide. Do not waste your time.

Hama Z (au) wrote: This movie was so incredibly beautiful. It was very touching, and so sad at the end, yet it still had this air of hope to it. I loved it.

Kayla (nl) wrote: I love Elvis and it's a great movie!!

Rick D (br) wrote: Epic! Beautiful! Deep! Meaningful! Heart Wrenching! Up lifting! Amazing!

Jalen M (nl) wrote: A pretty dull and lifeless B movie type that lacks the fun that is expected from this kind of film. C-