Operation Condor was a secret agreement between the military dictatorships of the Southern Cone in the 1970s, with the knowledge of the CIA. These governments to shared information and violently repressed suspected left-wing subversives.

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Jackie C (ag) wrote: Fantastic work again by David!I've alway been a fan of SciFi Horror/Thriller and DeBug pulls it together again. It made me jump, cringe and even giggle at some points and I loved it! I can't wait until it's out on DVD in NZ!Well done again, Mr Hewlett!NZJackie

Dustin G (ag) wrote: Dolls - I have no idea what to say about this film. All I know is, it will absolutely tear you apart if you watch it. A possible top 10.LD - Amazing television mini-series. Tommy Lee Jones is a demi-god.Cloverfield - I felt sick after this movie was over because it was surreal.BP - Loved this Kitano film.BR - Loved this film with Kitano.

Sasha T (nl) wrote: Lack of complexity and depth to be a truly entertaining whodunit.

Monny M (jp) wrote: Watched this with the kids about a week ago. Everybody liked it.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Small screen disaster movie has hurricane devastating a small Mississippi town. Plenty of recycled stock footage employed and stars from the rosters of various tv series. Certainly was not blown away by the character development or storylines. Pales in comparison to the grand production style of its big screen counterparts.

Irvin C (ag) wrote: I have not heard of this film until it was strongly recommended to me and I've only vaguely heard of the director. It's about a love affair between a draft-dodging son of a fascist and an older, recent widow of a respected navy officer. It at times feels like a Douglas Sirk film transplanted into an Italian World War II drama and that's a compliment. It features excellent performances between the two leads and contains some brilliantly directed scenes which made me wonder why director Valerio Zurlini isn't quite as well-known as other Italian directors Fellini, de Sica, Rossellini, etc.