Aging teacher Carmela has a special heart for pupils from broken families, is challenged by the headmaster for this. The poor 12 year old Chala and Yeni, in which he is infatuated has both severe troubles on home ground.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Aging teacher Carmela has a special heart for pupils from broken families, is challenged by the headmaster for this. The poor 12 year old Chala and Yeni, in which he is infatuated has both severe troubles on home ground. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Conducta torrent reviews

Marty B (nl) wrote: Another survivial movie for Tasma? cool...

Mike B (au) wrote: Super cast totally devoid of chemistry. Bad script. Bad movie.

David M (ru) wrote: Very good, but something bothered me with it. Maybe that I didnt particularly like the main characters. Considered alone it is a good film, but as the middle film of an immense trilogy, it considerably pales in comparison to the absolute masterpieces that are "Blue" and "Red".

Dave S (ru) wrote: The weakest entry in the series, by far. Even for big fans of the series like myself, this is one bad movie. Not even Stallone and Talia Shire can save such a bad script. Thank heavens Stallone followed it up with the far superior Rocky Balboa. Stallone knew darn well Rocky V was bad. His real-life son is painful to watch.

Paul D (fr) wrote: This would have been interesting if I hadn't figured out the ending 5 minutes into the film. It's good in concept, but a bit too predictable for me. Meh.

Kevin S (us) wrote: In 1975 I was a huge fan of Lester Dent's (aka. Kenneth Robeson) series of adventure novels featuring The Man Of Bronze: Doc Savage. It should also be noted that in 1975 I was 13 years old. We waited, my friends and I, somewhat impatiently for this theatrical gem to arrive at our local movie house and, if memory serves me correctly, we were NOT disappointed. This major "event" of my childhood, some 32 plus years ago, might best be summed up in one word: 'Groovy!' All that being said, I haven't seen Doc and his Amazing Five since it was first released and I would be more than surprised to find that this pearl of the past is as good as I remember it to be. :)

Christina R (fr) wrote: It just makes getting drunk and high look soo much fun. And I love the girl who just tells everyone to shut up, who ends up paralleling her boyfriend's drunk-ass mother.

Jason M (us) wrote: Only ok for Pixar standards.

Harry W (mx) wrote: The final film to feature a performance from Sean Connery as James Bond, Never Say Never Again was a must see.Never Say Never Again is not one of the more popular 007 films. I can't exactly understand why though because I enjoyed it a lot more than Diamonds are Forever, Dr. No and You Only Live Twice. That's not to say that it isn't a flawed film, because Never Say Never Again has a lot of issues to it.Never Say Never Again barely feels like it has a story whatsoever. I mean, the general development of Never Say Never Again is disjointed as the direct narrative is flimsy. Never Say Never Again ends up feeling more like a random series of vignettes than any sort of single story, and it's like a rehash of all the popular elements about earlier James Bond films loosely turned into the story of a single new entry into the series. I can't remember much about the direct purpose of the story in Never Say Never Again, all I know is that it integrated a lot of the favoured parts of James Bond films into one single film but connected them as if it were a series of sketches. Never Say Never Again does not stay consistent and it's story doesn't really go anywhere, so sometimes I was questioning where it came from or how it got there. But there were no answers, just a semi-poor quality film.Never Say Never Again also has the problem of treading material that had already been covered. I mean, the movie is adapted from the novel Thunderball which was already adapted into a James Bond film of the same name. It's fun to see James Bond go back to battling underwater again, but the simple fact is that it has all been done before. For the one non-Eon produced 007 film to be adapted from the same novel that Eon's Thunderball was is rather poor form because it doesn't supply anything new to viewers and has Sean Connery going on the same adventure all over again. That is likely to annoy a lot of viewers since it is just a remake of another James Bond film with slight plot elements altered. Big fans of Thunderball may rejoice to see a popular James Bond film all over again, but I would never have expected filmmakers to adapt a James Bond novel into a second film when the entirety of the story was already covered in the first one. But as the title suggests, one should Never Say Never Again.Yet against my expectations, I still found a lot in Never Say Never Again that I was able to enjoy. It ended up being half decent and entertaining for many of the right reasons allege though its story was not up to par.There are two central aspects that made Never Say Never Again a half-decent feature, and that is the visual quality of the film and the the acting, although I should mention that the music was good also, especially the titular theme song.Visually, Never Say Never Again has a lot of appeal because it lines up all the attractive women and nice scenery key to a good 007 film, as well as some terrific stunts. Director Irvin Kershner manages to capture a good visual spectacle for Never Say Never Again. The versatile colour of the scenery is wonderful, and it serves as the backdrop for many entertaining action scenes. The stunts in Never Say Never Again have a lot of entertainment value to them as they vary between James Bond being a one-man army and him battling people under the water. The action scenes in Never Say Never Again are some of the most entertaining of Sean Connery's career in playing 007, and it ensured that Never Say Never Again was enough of a viewing pleasure.And with it all is some entertaining performances on behalf of a skilful cast.For the last time ever, Sean Connery plays the iconic role of James Bond with the same wit, charm and gusto that he always has. Although his hairs have turned a bit more grey as he has turned to the age of 53 this time around, he never let's it get to him because he kicks the same level of ass all over again. Without problem, Sean Connery immerses himself in the role and engages in all of the stunts in the film organically. Delivering his lines with natural charisma, Sean Connery captures all aspects of the iconic character James Bond without problem one more time for another and final impressive performance, cementing Never Say Never Again in the memories of viewers and fans of 007 forever. Regardless of whether viewers enjoyed Never Say Never Again or not, the welcome return of Sean Connery is just legendary.Kim Basinger makes a great Bond Girl in Never Say Never Again. As she is one of the few Bond Girls who would go on to have such high-profile careers, it is interesting to see her working with Sean Connery in a James Bond film, and she does it well because her natural beauty and sex appeal as well as her charming charisma and sense of innocence manages to make it easy for her to convey a compelling character. Her chemistry with Sean Connery is also tense, so they make a good team. So all in all, Kim Basinger is one of the more memorable Bond girls from Sean Connery's James Bond films simply because of her name,Cnut also because she performs in the role without difficulty.And Max Von Sydow reminds audiences that he is an actor who will never let anybody down in another exceptional performance as an antagonist. It is never a challenge for him because Max Von Sydow is one of the most internationally recognised versatile actors. So him playing the enemy in Never Say Never Again is a perfect decision. Without problem, Max Von Sydow steps into the role of Ernst Stavro Blofeld many years after Donald Pleasence portrayed the character. And although he can't supply the elements that make the character iconic like Donald Pleasence did, he goes into the part very well.And Rowan Atkinson's small cameo at the end was a funny touch, even though it wasn't all that necessary for him to have a comic themed cameo in a James Bond film.So Never Say Never Again has a disjointed story which breaks no new ground and copies the story of Thunderball, but the return of Sean Connery and some entertaining action scenes make it worth the viewing.

Hind B (mx) wrote: Wost film I have ever seen. Weak plot, weak writing, weak directing, ok acting. The premise of the film is not resolved and only superficially explored. CA-TA-STRO-PHE