With enormous cone-shaped heads, robotlike walks and an appetite for toilet paper, aliens Beldar and Prymatt don't exactly blend in with the population of Paramus, N.J. But for some reason, everyone believes them when they say they're from France! As the odd "Saturday Night Live" characters settle into middle-class life in this feature-length comedy, a neighbor admires their daughter.

The movie is about aliens planning to invade the Earth, who have Anglicized their Remulakian surname to "Conehead".  But due to a malfunction, they find themselves plunged into the Hudson River and forced to take up residence in Paramus, New Jersey where Beldar gets work as an appliance salesman and makes a deal for a phony social security card. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay B (ag) wrote: Oh the game of love - emphasis on game. When it comes down to it, guys may know a world of tricks. And they might work on some, or even most, girls. But when it comes to playing the game, they should proceed with caution. Women are ALWAYS better at it; just a fact. Lucky are the ones that find each other and can be done with all the games, once and for all.

Felipe F (nl) wrote: Although some important details of Stieg Larsson's novel has got lost in this Hollywood adaptation, David Fincher suceeds in delivering a visually compelling, fast paced thriller that rises on the stunning performance from Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander.

Adriano B (gb) wrote: Noir premises, an honest but not so inspired depiction: fact is, you never tremble in horror, nor in love, nor in awe. Not bad, but too much detached from its lonely heart.

Frances H (ag) wrote: Fascinating film about the intertwining of the lives of seven couples and how the death of the woman in one of them affects the lives of all. Although ostensibly a murder(?)/suspense movie, showing a body at the beginning, the real suspense is in which of the women in six of the seven couples involved is that body. The script, directing and cast are all excellent, and I'm surprised that I'd never heard about this picture before. I would have thought that the word about such a good film would have spread, especially considering that two of it's stars are fairly well-known American actors.

Saurabh S (mx) wrote: This is what Cinema stands for.....I m Speechless. What performances, what direction what a moment what everything.

Andrey B (fr) wrote: Apparently Coppola had lost some focus after Apocalypse Now, for he began put philosophical gravity into wrong subjects.

Martin T (gb) wrote: Very compelling doc about four door-to-door Bible salesmen. I have to wonder if this was an inspiration for David Mamet while writing Glengarry Glen Ross, the similarities (especially in the lingo) are hard to ignore. What's most remarkable is how invisible the Maysles are, one never feels that the camera is influencing the action (although I'm sure it did, at least a little bit).

Shannon S (mx) wrote: I love bloody mary...see it for her sake!

Anthony M (nl) wrote: LOVED this so much <3

Daniel R (br) wrote: Uncanny drama about a young man named Gilbert from a small Midwestern town whose life with his reclusive overweight mother and his mentally ill brother make him think about leaving them for something better, that is until he meets an attractive visitor who helps Gilbert through his emotional baggage. This sleeper hit is now regarded as a classic, but at the time of its release, it was viewed as a humorous inside look at a troubled family.