A psychological thriller of a grieving mother turned cold-blooded avenger with a twisty master plan to pay back those who were responsible for her daughter's death.

A grieving mother turns into a cold-blooded avenger to pay back the people responsible for her daughter's death. What happens next is all-out psychological warfare waged against her students in an attempt to force them into confessing what she knows in her heart to be true: they are guilty and must be punished. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Confessions torrent reviews

Kyle E (es) wrote: Dang good movie. Really suspenseful

Vessela D (us) wrote: A very sweet and touching movie, I greatly enjoyed it! :) The two young actresses were amazing too! :) I've always loved Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen is so charming that just looking at her made me smile! :)

Steve D (de) wrote: A bit more like the old justice league animated series than Superman Doomsday. However this would be one of the best episodes. A good cast of voice actors and an interesting story makes this a lot of fun.

Christopher B (es) wrote: I watch a lot of movies. Some good, some bad. When a movie makes its claim as a torture or snuff movie, I won't see it. And I wonder just what was going through the minds of those who did . . .

Jairo A (ag) wrote: I like how The Battery started, it seemed like the right pacing and the characters clicked nicely. I would say that, though it's not your typical zombie movie, it was still decent and good enough to enjoy. The first 2/3 of the movie is pretty cool but the last 1/3 was slow and the car scene was boring. It should have been better...

shawn h (fr) wrote: for some reason i never seen this

Keke I (us) wrote: I DONT want to see this I want to see breaking dawn from Stephanie meyer!!

Ameena M (it) wrote: Toni Collette and Greg Kinnear are so much better than this script.

Santy D (de) wrote: Horrible. This is the first movie ever that made me walk out of the theater.

Martin T (fr) wrote: The script is wonderful, Bergman understands people and their relationships like no one else. It makes characters in other movies seem embarassingly incomplete. Bergman's characters change their minds, have violent outbursts followed by tender moments, feel guilt and doubt and pride and shame, and the words they speak are so right. August's direction is more distant than Bergman's, but he does a fine job, getting great performances from the leads.

Miuhime (ru) wrote: This movie has been a staple to any one growing up and watching cartoons. Even after so many years, my brother, my boyfriend and I can still recall exact scenes and even sing the songs (no, in this case it is NOT pathetic!). It just marks this movie as a real cartoon classic.

Chris V (nl) wrote: We watched this film as it made the Netflix top 50? One of the worst films I've ever seen ...

Maria V (us) wrote: Not the B-movie Bette Davis scene-chewing fest I expected it to be (judging from the cover). Davis gives a remarkably restrained, straightforward performance as a pair of estranged twin sisters who are not as different as they think they are. Yet another strong performance from Karl Malden and Peter Lawford is quite effective as the despicable, blackmailing man of leisure Tony Collins.

Shayla M (ag) wrote: Hahaha Nick Cage is a silly MF Lol

Brian H (gb) wrote: More like an extended TNG episode than it is a legitimate film.

Sarah T (nl) wrote: Story line was crap, actors were lame. Not much good to say about this film.