Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

A look at the classic "Cinderella" story from the perspective of one of her 'ugly' stepsisters

A look at the classic "Cinderella" story from the perspective of one of her 'ugly' stepsisters . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phi N (jp) wrote: I only watch these kings of movies for the fighting... Fight was very impressive. There were some weird scenes in the movies... and it was also like 2 movies in 1. However, in the end, the movie was fun to watch.

Jessica S (it) wrote: I seen Twictches on Halloween. I enjoyed watching the movie. Twitches is like the Harry Potter movie sieries.

Sabrina L (us) wrote: one of the better barbie films.

Patricia D (ag) wrote: Thoughtful movie about the Palestinian perspective of suicide bombing. Ultimately a sad commentary on the human ability to justify violence.

Matthew C (es) wrote: I think the most emotional part was when Hopkins defends his horse from some ruffians tormenting it. I have a soft spot for animals, especially horses in movies, and people picking on anything just gets to me. But if that is your best part, we need to go back to the drawing boards. There's a lot going on with Native American sentiments, Islam condemnation, and freedom of spirit, freedom to know who you really are - and all of that dipped in a race across the desert. I wish more time was spent on the race and less on saving Native Americans, convincing us Islam is bad for women, and Hopkins accepting himself and true heritage. None of that really worked. Not enough for me to buy into, screamed agenda, or felt as an easy way out to get to the next scene. You have a list of obstacles and you check them off. Not a lot of real thought. Too much going on that worked against itself, and characters with weird habits and illogical characteristics. But the race part works. It should have been simpler - an American in an Arabian race and it tests man and horse against everything. Only a few times did this truly shine without anything to cloud it. Still, it might entertain you and may even resonate with you, but for me, it crossed the streams too many times with too many forgettable characters put in place very obviously and a plot that was too predictable for its own good.

dan b (de) wrote: It's Deliverance with 5 teens a winnebago and a great kill at the end.

Kes G (it) wrote: Seminal SciFi classic. Funny yet tragic and poignant.

Rodolfo R (kr) wrote: Shorty and Big John go into the oil business together in 1918 Texas. After a couple of false starts, lo and behold, they strike it rich and soon they've got 5 derricks a-spurtin'. Big John spends his night a-boozin' and a-womanizin' in town while Shorty writes letters to Betsy, his girl back home. One night, Big John meets, ahem, Elizabeth, shows her a night on the [color=dimgray]town and they marry before dawn. Turns out Betsy and Elizabeth are the same person. [/color] [color=dimgray]I'll pause now so you can drop your jaw and slap your face in shock. Fell better? Good.[/color] [color=#696969]Shorty and Big John part ways and go into business separately. First one is rich and the other is broke. Then vice versa, back and forth until they finally slug it out in the end. Then there's some courtroom scene and everyone lives happily ever after.[/color] [color=#696969]Standard melodrama from MGM in the 1940s. At least it would be, excepting that Shorty, Big John and Betsy are played by Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert with Hedy Lamarr, Frank Morgan and Chill Wills lending considerable support. The actors give the whole picture enough professionalism and dignity to make to whole thing believable. And highly enjoyable.[/color] [color=#696969][i]Boom Town[/i] was well on its way to a solid 8. The scenes where Gable told Colbert that she belonged to him made me particularly swoony. Then it happened. The brawl between Tracy and Gable. It was well-edited put really poorly staged, even for 1940. And everything kinda falls apart with a courtroom scene featuring a speech by Tracy that made me want to leap up and say, "Wow! I never knew large monopolizing corporations were such a force of good in the world!" in my best Hope Caldwell impersonation. So I had to drop it to a 7. C'est la vie. C'est la guerre.[/color]

Adrian P (de) wrote: Just the greatest. Along with "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (Charles Laughton version) the greatest movies of all time. In, of course, my opinion. Just 94%!!!!??? ridiculous! Should be 100%. This is, quite honestly, the greatest film ever mede. (Along with The Hunchback...) It's got everything a movie should have, just everything. I can't go further. See it and you'r emotions will be shot. Just amazing on every level considering what it took to be made. The stars are all absolutely brilliant and Vivien Leigh is wondrous. Nobody could play this role now after her. Same with Gable. And Howard and De Havilland. Just amazing in every shape and form. Movie making at it's best. Hollywood at it's best. The stars at their best. OMG just the best movie ever made. It's got everything. I cry my eyes out every time I watch it. With the Hunchback (Charles Laughton) my favourite film of all time. Bar none.

Ryan Y (br) wrote: Truly so bad it's good. Amazing vocals make it watchable, even if the dance numbers sometimes fizzle more than sizzle. Hangover fodder you can watch again and again without having to invest precious brain power. And worth it for Cher's solo, as crowbarred in as it is.

Ro D (ru) wrote: William Hurt is simply amazing in every role, i can watch him and feel an infinite pleasure

MF J (it) wrote: An awesome little British film fueled by lots of energy from the cast and a good story.