Confine, a taut psychological thriller, stars Daisy Lowe in her first lead role as the troubled former model Pippa, who hasn't dared leave her London apartment in four years. Pippa's refuge...

Confine, a taut psychological thriller, stars Daisy Lowe in her first lead role as the troubled former model Pippa, who hasn't dared leave her London apartment in four years. Pippa's refuge... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Movie W (fr) wrote: I had to turn to IMDB for the above short synopsis as this anti-film is so badly made on every level it's impossible to glean any modicum of plot from it as a viewer. I'm conflicted even writing this review as I feel doing so may legitimise it and somehow elevate it to the status of a film. This is not a film. There is nothing on show here save for a few acceptable performances that even relates to the process of film-making. Pointing a camera in the general direction of some actors is not film-making. I was almost ready to blame the poor projection of the cinema so badly framed and out of focus was this. The sound mix is diabolical, it's a struggle to pick up any of the dialogue, and boy is there a lot of it. The script seems to be written by a fourteen year old whose favorite movie is "Fight Club". Before the non-film has barely begun the main character is ranting in a voiceover about how we "think we know him". Sorry mate, we're two minutes in, I don't know you from Jack. Perhaps the writer has a background in radio drama as there's certainly no visual storytelling evidenced here. The downside of Catholic countries who liberate themselves from the church is that their national cinema suffers for a period, films suddenly become full of gratuitous and puerile sex. Look at French, Italian and Spanish movies from the seventies and eighties and you'll see what I mean. Just because you can now show characters masturbating doesn't mean you should. Ireland is a bit behind the curve but now we're going through our semi liberation and our films are suffering in the same way. Every second scene in this film seems to be of someone knocking one out. Perhaps Ireland should develop a porn industry as we certainly can't get a half decent film industry together. I've never before advocated asking for your money back at the cinema, after all the cinema owners didn't make the film, you pay your money and take your chances. This however is of a quality so low that it's a scam that any cinema would have the cheek to charge customers for the "privilege" of seeing it. I'm embarrassed that the film board of my country would put their name to something like this and can honestly say I've never seen a film this amateurish screened in a commercial cinema.

m w (kr) wrote: i feel weird reviewing this. it's definitely a movie about me. it's a movie about really sensitive comedians who don't like when they get negative reviews. Jamie Kennedy doesn't want you to say son of the mask sucked because it hurts his feelings. well, go fuck yourself, sweet heart. if you can't take the criticism, get out of the spot light. i understand why drunk chicks yelling nonsense at your live show ought to shut up. actually i liked Malibu's most wanted. but son of the mask was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. you make a trailer, riding on the coat tails of the mask franchise, attract an audience and then disappoint them and take their money. sitting through an hour and a half of disappointment is frustrating. you can't give me that time back and you won't give me the money so telling others how shitty the movie was is how people get their justice. you wanna keep making money with lazy scripts and ripping people off then expect backlash. how arrogant are you to think your low budget comedy sequel is beyond criticism? i did not sympathize with any comedian or other performer in this documentary and instead completely related to those kids telling you to your face that you aren't funny. I'm not saying i can get on stage and do better but i don't think i have to. your movies target demographic isn't film makers or comedians it's just regular consumer civilian types. people who want to laugh. in that regard i think I'm more in touch than you are.

Kenneth L (au) wrote: Intriguing & busy little SiFi adventure with a galactic scale chase to hush a secret weapon of massive disillusion.

Carlos M (mx) wrote: It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful autobiographical delight that has a wonderful soundtrack - oh man, isn't the soundtrack just wonderful! - and a wonderful ensemble cast that makes everything so funny, sweet, moving and tremendously charming.

Sumanjit R (ru) wrote: A rousing remake of the classic tale by William Golding about the dark side of human nature

Matt C (fr) wrote: Another superb film from legendary director Akira Kurosawa. It's a film that explores friendship, the wilderness, and society. It's cynical, yet also touching. Set in the early 1900's in the Russian wilderness I believe, the film follows a captain and his men who are sent into the wilderness to accurately map out the land. They come across Dersu Uzala early in their travels; a wise, compassionate Mongolian man of the wilderness who's humanity is incomparable. The captain and Dersu form a loving friendship, and eventually part ways. Three years later, the captain sent on a similar expedition in the same region, accompanied by more soldiers, eventually finds Dersu roaming the wilderness once again. Dersu develops a horrible paranoia because of shooting a tiger, and discovers his eyesight is giving way. So the captain takes him into his home and town, where Dersu feels constricted and sticks out like a sore thumb. He finally decides his place is in the wilderness, where man truly belongs, and the ending is powerful in its cynicism of our now common society structure. The cinematography is particularly amazing, along with the performances and direction. The movie's pretty slow, so if you don't like slow films in the wilderness it's not up your alley. I've had to write this really fast because I have to leave in a minute so it's probably not incredibly coherent but my main point: don't pass this film up. Very powerful stuff.

pete p (ru) wrote: Loved this movie as a kid, love it as an adult. How many dinosaur movies can make you cry?

Aj V (jp) wrote: I hate westerns, which isn't the only reason I hated this movie, it's just so boring and slow, I couldn't stand it.