Judge Clarence Thomas' nomination to the United States' Supreme Court is called into question when former colleague, Anita Hill, testifies that he had sexually harassed her.

Nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991, Judge Clarence Thomas (Wendell Pierce) must testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee after Anita Hill (Kerry Washington), his former employee, alleges she was sexually harassed by Thomas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dillinger P (br) wrote: Just when you thought the once experimental, inventive and thrilling horror/comedy franchise would go out with a bang, it just kind of whimpers into obscurity, with little reasoning or need. After another SWAT team head into the location of the first and second films, yeah the directors really got their use out that set, they find Angela, the sole survivor from the franchise and detonate the building. Angela then wakes up on a huge tanker, with a built in lab, that has been over run with grunts on a mission to find a cure for this disease. It all turns a bit sour for the poor woman when they discover the footage she shot from the first movie and she soon becomes the subject of a man hunt, while the ship becomes over run with infected. The story really isnt all that interesting, gone is this obscure possession angle, mentioned briefly so fans couldnt be too gutted. Instead the film sets up a ho hum premise, that routinely follows the premise of most mediocre infection films. Which is a shame because the Rec series has always had something special and different about it. The film is now full blown cinematic, fair enough considering the huge change from the third outing, but unlike that film, where it decided to take a completely different angle and tone, this tries to make a dark and brooding story and turns out more like a Resident Evil film. apart from Angela and IT whizz Nic, no character is anything more than two dimensional cardboard cutouts of stereotypes gone by. And if you were expecting, blood, action and horror, dont even bother with this. Rec 4 had the opportunity to really go out with a bang, it had set so much up in the previous 3 installments, allowing it to do so. However there is zero tension, minimal action and a lack of inventive finesse. The lighting is pitch black, mix that with shakey camera and some atrocious CGI and you have an unpleasant and boring mess to witness. Yeah the practical effects are still on par, when used and the film does try, barely, to get a bit wacky, but its nothing new and mostly plaigerized from better films. Characters come and go, with little distinction or reasoning, the plot is so loosely explained your never quite sure whats going on and the overwhelming sense of deflation is just heart breaking. This film is like watching your best drinking buddy settle down, only to try and attempt a night out and it be over by half ten at night. Its slow, its an eyesore, so what does it have going for it? Well it has the occasional moment, a nod to the third installment has the mother in law of Clara wake up on the ship thinking she's had one hell of a night, a kitchen sequence that does enough to warrant attention and the occasional chase sequence that mildly generates a heart beat. But its nothing compared to what were used to, its not fun, its not thrilling, its not horrific, its not smart, gone are the supernatural elements mostly, what is there to root for? It even further sequel baits and although left on a comedic one liner, the ending is just rubbish. It will mildly satisfy you and fans of the franchise may get tid bits here and there to nibble on but as an overall farewell to the franchise, its gone out like a dud firework. Good night and farewell Rec, i think your finally irrelivant.

Christian D (us) wrote: I loved this movie!!! I loved the script. "it just got real" forced my friends and I into tears. I do think there is a typo though. The genre should be comedy. Not science fiction.

Brandon C (nl) wrote: If you are a fan of the Resident Evil games, you will enjoy this movie a lot. If you love Claire Redfield, you are going to love this movie since she becomes a baddass heroine in this movie and starts to show she is a lot more than we first thought she was. And this movie has a great cast of characters to play the parts. Just a great movie and one you must try to find on DVD somewhere.

Jason R (jp) wrote: Most of this movie's charms ultimately appeal to our baser instincts as spectators. Enjoying the sad lives of the film's protagonists is akin to enjoying a car wreck, but I think the personalities of the film's subjects rise above the fray frequently enough to overcome the potentially sinister intentions of the filmmakers. And I say sinister because of the inclusion, at the film's close, of an off-screen comment by one of the film's creators that the film is meant to be comic. If so, we're meant to laugh at, and not with, the film's subjects. Another serious shortcoming of the film is its indifference to probing a serious question: to what extent does cinema actually matter as an outlet for the clearly pathological behavior of these "movie buffs?" Would any obsession suffice?

John H (kr) wrote: Absolutley Incredible!

Paul M (kr) wrote: An odd one as there is no denying that it is a brave piece of work by all involved but ultimately it does get a bit tiresome by the end.

Keenan S (gb) wrote: After a brief directoral hiatus, Andy Sidaris returned to direct another one of his trademark cheesy action films and he delivers the goods once again. Action, sex, nudity, a random wrestling scene, and a convoluted plot are what you will find in Day Of The Warrior. When watching a Sidaris film, you must ask yourself: Am I going to be a pretentious snob, or am I going to let loose and have fun? Make your decision should you decide to view one of his films.

Ted S (au) wrote: Nostalgic, fun, and really touching.

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: Way cute and way tend hearted at the end a good watch I cried like a baby as a kid

Paul N (es) wrote: Couple frolic & fornicate in a graveyard, only to wind up trapped there. Quirkily shot but dramatically stillborn Eurohorror.

Scott R (mx) wrote: well acted but ploddingly paced

Kathy P (it) wrote: my favorite Shirley Temple movie

Leong C (mx) wrote: A fantastic effort by Spike Lee, tackling yet another social issue, with Harvey Keitel giving a great performance...

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