Filmed some 18 months before its release, Conflict is one of two melodramas in which Humphrey Bogart self-consciously portrayed a wife murderer (the other was The Two Mrs. Carrolls). Bogie plays unhappily married Richard Mason, who concocts a meticulous scheme to kill his shrewish wife, Kathryn (Rose Hobart), so that he'll be free to marry her sister, Evelyn (Alexis Smith).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   guilt,   police,  

A hen-pecked engineer trapped in an unhappy marriage murders his wife in hopes of marrying her younger sister. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Conflict torrent reviews

Justin H (jp) wrote: simply incredibke, the masses are far too unsophisticated for this which is what I attribute the 56% rating to.

Randy P (br) wrote: Worthless film, no use to humanity whatsoever.

Lucas M (jp) wrote: A bit fun and really dumb.

Sean Michael S (it) wrote: Its sad that a bevy of great actors in "Tale from the Darkside: The Movie" can't save the boring and laughably non-frightening stories within. Annoying colorization and editing make the film seem like a poorly made television pilot than a horror film. Overall a cheap experience only worthwhile watching if you want to learn how to not make a film. One extra star goes to an impressive gore sequence at the finale of the film.

Eric J (ca) wrote: A product of the time it was made. Serves as a good historical marker for the early days of the AIDS epidemic and LGBT history in general. Though-provoking and sensitive. Kind of a "gay" movie but mainstream at the same time.

Paul D (kr) wrote: I certainly found much of this movie to be funny. However, the story never gets as dark as you might hope for it to get. As far as 80's comedies go, this one isn't that bad.

Miguel A (fr) wrote: Embora nem sempre se revele muito capaz de nos ter colados aos seus atractivos de thriller, "Kiss Me Deadly" tem um peso incontornvel na definio do que deve ser um MacGuffin naquele gnero de filmes em que todos querem o mesmo objecto, mesmo que esse no sirva para grande coisa. Robert Aldrich aproveitou-se muito bem das novas vagas europeias e do sensacionalismo, em redor das fobias atmicas da dcada de 50, para, com o financiamento da MGM, executar um filme com um fundamento excntrico e inovador, que normalmente nunca passaria do papel. "Kiss Me Deadly" quase parece um milagre artstico se o enquadrarmos em 1955. Influenciou bastante "Pulp Fiction" e "Repo Man", sendo que este ltimo conseguiu trinta anos depois "enganar" a Universal com recursos semelhantes e levar avante um filme muito mais marginal do que aquilo a que estamos habituados nos grandes estdios.

William B (ru) wrote: This shouldn't even be called a movie, it should be called "a mistake to cinema. The actors all feel like they have better places to be (which they do), all the new characters are so bland and forgettable you do't remember a thing about them, and the writing is some of the worst I've ever seen. IN my opinion, watch all the rocky movies (even 4) but this is one I beg you to skip.

Rob T (nl) wrote: This is a great horror film. It's very well acted and the horror cues are subtle. The actors in this film deliver great performances, especially Karen Black. Why does this film get such bad reviews?

The N (de) wrote: No la termin de ver, muy aburridora y sin sentido.