Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

Gideon rules the down and dirty side of town. From the docks where he runs an export business in stolen cars, to the heavy metal club where he can turn a little extra cash on hot women and cool drugs. Everyone loves Gideon, especially his posse of desirable women, everyone except the corpses he leaves behind and the cops who clean up after him. But now there's a new cop on Gideon's back, Mickey Fl

Irish cop Mick Flannery battles a drug dealer who has corrupted his son. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ClaRita C (kr) wrote: A pretty accurate description of how women fall for someone out of pity, and how a man feels entitled to sexual intercourse even when he can't do a thing, disregarding anything else that might happen. By far, the most disturbing porn I've seen. It shines the light on many dysfunctional relationships we wonder how they happened to be.

Sonya M (it) wrote: So....I guess the world's most powerful pheromone would cause a town orgy. Unique story; has a cool but creepy vibe, from the visuals to the music. I almost felt sorry for the main character - especially when he makes his "entrance" in the movie. Who could grow up to be normal being born into and raised with such circumstances? That first scene was probably the most unforgettable. If you like dark but interesting stories and appreciate art, this is a movie for you.

Alyssa N (es) wrote: River was great, it was very sad because it was River's last movie, and it was kind of confusing, but overall it was very good

Saman S (de) wrote: A typical 80's movie. Though not great, it had it's far share of funny moments.

Chris M (es) wrote: B horror movie from Carpenter

Alejandro E (gb) wrote: Touching drama of a broken family.Absorbing young Hoffman as a workaholic who has to take on double role of father/mother.Shall to see before you die

Paavo L (au) wrote: Hyvä draama. Robert Ryan tekee loisto tyota sivuroolissa Earlina.

jay n (br) wrote: This film was the bridge for Bogie between The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca and is quite an odd duck of a movie. An at times uneasy mixture of crime drama, nazi threat propaganda and comedy it is strongest in the comedy element with some of the great Warners stock company doing what they do best. You just can not beat these old films for amazing talent in even the tiniest roles. A slightly sharper focus could have made this a classic but even as is it is highly enjoyable.

David H (mx) wrote: A great Film Noir made by the Master Fritz Lang it shows how Criminals was made by the Society he was trying to choose the Right Way

Al H (ru) wrote: Although the idea is good, the stories are not as frightening.

Maxime V (br) wrote: A good film: Malkovich's performance is neat, and the storyline raises interesting questions (on our human/animal nature, desire, choices we make or just don't, forgiveness). Some really nice and clever shots and lines ... However, 3 stars only, for some reason I can't explain except that I sometimes felt bored.