Eight people embark on an expedition into the Congo, a mysterious expanse of unexplored Africa where human greed and the laws of nature have gone berserk. When the thrill-seekers -- some with ulterior motives -- stumble across a race of killer apes.

Scientist Karen Ross is sent by her father-in-law, mogul R.B. Travis, to the Congo to determine the whereabouts of his son's missing diamond-hunting team. Tagging along is an primatologist taking a trained gorilla back to the wild and a Romanian treasure hunter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Congo torrent reviews

Tayyab R (de) wrote: The execution, direction, flow and music along with an accurate depiction of Indian middle-class family dynamics: Spot On.

John O (br) wrote: What a way to end this franchise and I thought they do what they did and I was right This was entertaining but out of all the movies the cast on this was very entertaining there were so so annoying you couldn't wait to see how they would die Plot if we take another's life we don't die yeah right Some great death sequences and visual effects I watched this the non 3-D version so maybe the 3-D would had made it a little better Well all these movies Will make you paranoid of doing anything as death has your number

Don S (au) wrote: Nothing original in this supernatural slasher movie. The acting is raw and unmoving, the story is typical of the "girl seeking revenge" model with the only twist being witchcraft. Lame. Jenna Dewan, at this age, was not sexy at all despite all the makeup and cleavage-baring clothes she wore.

Brooker B (it) wrote: Makes the point that the best horror movies are the ones that reflect the horror of society. Unsettling but fascinating.

Alex K (it) wrote: funny film but it's been done done before and it's nothing new

Mongky M (ca) wrote: (TM)"? HBO ? ...(TM)? ,""?(TM)?-(TM),,(TM) (C)(TM)"(TM)

Julie K (es) wrote: filiminho bobo, meio sesso da tarde (no fossem as cenas de nudez). retrata aquele perodo bem caracterstico do pessoal de 20 e poucos anos, sofrendo com a presso pelo sucesso profissional e pessoal... mas, no adianta nada a ansiedade: "as coisas simplesmente acontecem. no culpa de ningum".

Brian C (it) wrote: Wonderful story. Pin is about a young man who believes that his medical dummy Pin is alive and communicates with him frequently. This movie is really about mental illness. It isn't glorified, and deals with the characters and how they deal with those around them that are mentally ill. The acting is top notch and very endearing.

Daniel N (jp) wrote: Best film ever! Seen it about 20 times. Go Kid go!

Dianna D (kr) wrote: Probably a fantastic movie, but having seen all the actors flicks since this one, except this one, they all seemed like importers..

Cyrille P (ru) wrote: Ou Blue Holocaust en franais, un bon d'Amato avec tous les ingrdients qu'on aime retrouver dans ce genre de films, gore et sexe tous les tages! Les personnages sont bien drangs (le mari qui empaille sa femme morte, la gouvernante matresse et complice) et bien interprts, surtout Franca Stoppi. La bonne bande son signe des Goblins contribue l'ambiance gnrale. A voir absolument pour les amateurs!

eric e (ag) wrote: a new classic, it could be improved, but it is a seedbed

Brandon M (kr) wrote: ok FIRST OFF NOT AS SCARY AS SOME PEOPLE MADE IT SEEM LIKE IT WOULD BE!! It had a FEW moments (like one or two) and the alternate ending on the DVD is creepy. This movie starts off VERY SLOWLY, but small things eventually happen. One thing that kept annoying me about the movie/characters was the couple's REFUSAL to turn on lights and just use the camera light; who does this, honestly? Also, for those of you that believe it THIS IS NOT A REAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! it even says at the end, and why would a real movie have 3 DIFFERENT ENDINGS!! I feel that Katie was the only one who had the most depth; Micah seemed like a jerk at times, and was poorly characterized and I just didn't feel that he was "real". Even the psychic was poorly developed (even though he was only in it like total of like 7 min). I do, however, like how they didn't actually show any ghosts, just what was happening; that gave it that extra edge and added a SLIGHT factor of creepiness. It was also cool to see the night shots and wonder what was going to happen, but sometimes disappointing when it was just simply a small noise. Some of the "tricks" are awesome editing/camera trickery and makes ya wonder how they were done (can't tell you without giving parts away). It also would have been little bit better to see more day shots, or see their breakdown more during the day (hard to explain what exactly I mean). All in all, DEFINITELY not the scariest movie, and not as scary as everyone made it out to be.

Simon P (es) wrote: A heavy handed 90 minute tale of how old school violent thugs are morally far superior to the new breed. Really enjoyed it!

Keith R (ru) wrote: Very good, but Miranda Richardson was fake. I'm sure that Harris's book is much better.