Michel is a Belgian inventor. He cares for his father, a paralysed writer, is married to a Congolese woman and is the father of an interracial child whom he reassures as to his parentage. He discovers at the age of 41 that he was adopted, actually having been born in Sainte-Cécile, Quebec. In the summer of 2000, he travels to Quebec, supposedly to sell some of his inventions. While on a near-impossible quest to find his birth family in the town where he was born, he crosses paths with Louis Legros, son of another inventor, in a meeting which will change their lives.

An eccentric Belgian inventor travels to Québec to search for his family, which uncovers a secret history between two seemingly unrelated people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Congorama torrent reviews

Dhaval P (ru) wrote: Its simple and straightforward. It's difficult to balance between inflation and stagnant income. Right film with a right message, though it could have been shorter. Good film, do watch if you can. :-)

Pa R (br) wrote: I am not sure if it shows the reality. A lot of episodes was too exaggerated to believe for one who has been leaving in Iran. For example the scene which Shirin and her aunt are cleaning the house and the uncle comes suddenly ordering Shirin to dress up as some one will come to meet her and the family for marriage! Or the scenes which the brother is expressing (in a fake way) his feelings about religion and so on. His American-Persian makes it even more difficult to believe the character. In general I think it does not really show the reality and can mostly attract non-Iranians.

Troy T (kr) wrote: 5 stars for Kerem Bursin

Monet J (us) wrote: It was pretty funny. I give most of the credit to Mike Epps. He kinda made the movie. Good moral lesson.

Pavandeep S (mx) wrote: Erratic this definitely is. I mean, it feels like both a comedy and horror but yet not quite, it was fun overall. I liked the female a lot and I liked how this film looked like the film-maker did it for fun, the idea was just a little strange with nothing planned out and scenes felt like it was stitched, but yet fun.

Fran P (nl) wrote: I will always consider this a great anti-romantic comedy. I liked the idea of characters lying, cheating, and deceiving each other throughout the entire film. It's hard to imagine anyone else filling the shoes of Clive Owen, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, and Julia Roberts because each of them contributes something special that made this picture extremely memorable. I think the title fits the movie because no matter how close the characters get emotionally, they are never successful when it comes to acquiring genuine and utter connection. Each character is strong in their own way, yet weak also. That rings very true to life because we are all damaged creatures, striving to be loved regardless of how we see the world and the people that live in that world. This film provides fascinating characters that are highly suitable to in-depth character studies. It's nothing short of excellent.

Sandeep N (de) wrote: Bittersweet bio pic of the musical prodigy David Helfgott! Wasn't that inspiring but emotionally stirring performance by Geoffrey Rush.

Joshua O (au) wrote: One of the greatest experimental docs around.

Logan M (de) wrote: really great movie does the book justice