Conjugal Warfare

Conjugal Warfare

Many stories revolving around a poor couple who, in spite of hating each other, still live together under the same roof.

Many stories revolving around a poor couple who, in spite of hating each other, still live together under the same roof. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry A (de) wrote: I've enjoyed this series but this was probably the worst movie of the series.

Sally F (de) wrote: OMG! This was terrible. The scenes with the sharks had me crying...even cheap special effects would have been better than no action.

Steve S (nl) wrote: pretty slow but not completely awful. starts out pretty good but just doesn't have the momentum to be consistently interesting, but the relationship between val kilmer and bobb'e thompson is kind of cool. i heard there is a better version of this film screened at sundance that i'd very much like to check out.

Samuel A (nl) wrote: Most studio dramas or romances get the big things right but get all the details and little moments wrong. Aaron Katz' Quiet City does exactly the opposite. It's sublime when it's just showing these two lost young people filling up their time with precious nothings, but the broader narrative stumbles every chance it gets. I get the feeling this film is supposed to be more about the little things, and less about traditional storytelling. Because of that, I recommend it. But it can't stand up to a very similar film that gets both sides of the coin right -- Before Sunrise. And I don't think that's because of the difference in budgets. Nor am I willing to accept the "but it's SO indie so you have to like it more" argument. Still, I'll be watching Katz in the future. There's a lot of promise here; I'd love to see this talent in a more focused, more carefully thought out picture.

Corey C (it) wrote: What the contrivance?

katsist (fr) wrote: Not good but it is not entirely bad in my opinion. Yeah the musical numbers are bad, the acting is either over the top or non existent, and the references are not clever. The over acting can be hilarious at times, the way they incorporated animation and scenes from the comic book was neat in my opinion. I blame the producers because they cut the funny parts out, and the source material was watered down.

jay n (ag) wrote: Scattershot not terribly compelling drama has good acting from the principles but lacks focus. Meryl's character is hard to like and with the distance of time this has become more interesting for spotting the actors in smaller roles who went on to bigger things like Ian McKellan or became known for other facets of their abilities such as Sting and Tracey Ullman than any great entertainment value.

Shiela E (es) wrote: Not bad, but not particularly good either. I am just as ambivalent about Rob Low's character in the film. He is both likable, charming, determined, self-serving, manipulative and arrogant all at the same time. it is somewhat sweet that he loves this woman from afar and actually moves to another continent just to be with her, but he seems to have no real sense of morals other than "how do I get what I want?" as an anglophile, it upset me to see the stereotypical portrayal of almost all brits as humorless, stuffy, snobby assholes. good for Lowe fans, but little else. There is a quite young Julian Sands here too though.

Dave W (ca) wrote: Tom Selleck's best movie? Perhaps. Roger Ebert fails again in rating movies.

Antonius B (au) wrote: Probably the best romantic comedy you'll ever see. Woody Allen plays Alvy Singer, an insecure, cerebral comedian living in Manhattan (hmm), who is trying to understand how his relationship with Annie Hall (Diane Keaton) ended. The script is fantastic, and Allen gives us a steady stream of jokes ranging from subtle, intellectual references to physical comedy, and while I only laughed out loud a few times, I was often smiling. He also uses a variety of creative techniques in this film - speaking directly to the camera, stepping directly into childhood memories, giving voice to inner thoughts, and including a brief animation, among other things. He explores love, sex, and relationships, but also the cultural differences between Jews and Gentiles, and New Yorkers and Californians in clever ways. His understated facial reaction as Keaton orders Pastrami on white bread with lettuce and tomatoes is priceless. The film is sweet, endearing, and sentimental about relationships, and yet it's also balanced, showing the bittersweet pitfalls with just the right touches, including a brilliant ending. On top of all that, it's great to see Paul Simon in a couple of scenes, Allen's references to the 1969 documentary "The Sorrow and the Pity", and Diane Keaton's wonderful performance of "Seems Like Old Times". Great film, and very worthy of the Academy Awards it won.

Brandon S (nl) wrote: Terminal Island is exploitation queen Stephanie Rothman's masterpiece of life on an island that holds death row inmates, because the death sentence has been abolished. Prime sleaze with a handful of bad actors, ridiculously funny dialogue, and some very sexy 70's ladies. Not to mention a coke snorting Tom Selleck and loads of primal violence, this film has it all. I'm sure a lot of this was an influence for The Running Man, Gamer, and Battle Royale.

Rob M (mx) wrote: very good movie. moving and well done, with top flight performances by Robert Deniro and Paul Dano

Grant W (es) wrote: This movie was fantastic. A constant stream of judgement and death ensues as Judge Dredd tries to restore order to Peace Trees. Karl Urban does a fantastic job playing Dredd and the story, while simple, is done in a way that makes you stay constantly interested. Done far better than the 1995 Dredd and more true to the comics. This movie is charged with 5 Stars worth of Entertainment. Verdict .....Guilty.

Joseph O (br) wrote: So fucking funny. My favourite Kevin Smith movie. Very quotable.