In Connection, a static shot of the sky with moving clouds is subdivided into regular geometrical regions, which are then individually (and rhythmically) manipulated.

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Connection torrent reviews

Harshwardhan S (it) wrote: Big canvas...less heart...Ajay Devgn saves the day..n trauma...

Sue S (ag) wrote: Really, really good documentary.

Josh F (es) wrote: I see that it got bad reviews, but I actually quite enjoyed this one. I love Hanks and Roberts, so that's a good start. Just a cute movie.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Um, Spy Kids, please just retire.

Diego E (nl) wrote: Teen movie. Very predictable and full of cliches.

Marilee A (es) wrote: A Quirky, sort of "Sleeping Beauty" for the New Millennium, but not with your Parents Elvis(but probably named after him).Oh No, this Elvis(Max Minghella) is a young ,unlicenced Mortician covering for his father(Joe Mantegna) that is unable to do the work anymore.Anabelle (Blake Lively)is the Newly Crowned Miss Texas who dies after her Pageant Win & ends up on his table for embalming. Still in her Pageant Gown & Makeup, he is moved to Kiss her, moments later she wakes miraculously from her deadly slumber.They become unlikely friends both looking for something their very different lives isn't providing.She goes on a "Break" from the Pageant Lifestyle her Parents have forced on her, & becomes Headline News as a Runaway. Circumstance's force them to go on the Run from their unfulfilling existence's, living out other peoples dreams, & they have fun, which is new to both of them.News attention gets them arrested & things get complicated & unfortunate conclusions are jumped to.Joe Mantegna gives the performance of a Lifetime as Hunchback who's lost some Mental Capabilities from a Hate Crime that resulted in a Brain Injury.

Niklas S (it) wrote: A very different superhero but a very compelling and funny one at that. I guess Miike saw what America was doing and decided to make fun of them... and that he did. This movie is both cool and funny and has one of the greatest antiheroes. Thing is it was way too long. I got bored of the power rangers like movie and the failed superhero. If they could have skimmed away 20min of this movie it would made a bigger impact.

raymond s (mx) wrote: I really like this movie,i got that on dvd,that movie warms my heart,i seen it over 30 times,that my favorite.

Jose Luis M (es) wrote: Historia sobre la falsa moral de la sociedad dirigida por el maestro Luis Buuel.

Ryan L (de) wrote: a very enjoyable film. Fun, captivating,..... one of my favorites!

Justin B (br) wrote: All your favourite step up characters re unite (except the Tatum) for this fifth instalment in the series. You know what you're going to get from these films and this instalment for me is one of the better ones thanks largely to the returning briana evigan and her mid-rift and Adam sevanis moose. It's also a good advert for Vegas and made me wanna go back.

Chris D (fr) wrote: The only stories that are able to get away with pointless and inane endings such as this are the Earthworm Jim series of video games.

Ben B (jp) wrote: I heard very good things about this movie and jumped on the opportunity to watch it when it was put on Netflix. After watching, I have to say I was impressed with Sarsgaard. His cold delivery as Stanley Milgram really worked. Milgram's story about his experiment was very captivating; I often found myself wondering how I would respond if put in similar situations. Another really cool thing about this movie was the fourth wall breaking. Sarsgaard acted as both star and narrator, and it worked well in my opinion. Though the story was interesting, I have to say that the execution didn't always work for me. There were times, especially towards the end, where the movie started to feel a bit sloppy. Also, this movie features some of the worst green screen work I've seen in recent memory. If you enjoy movies about the human psyche or just want to see a solid performance, go give Experimenter a watch.

Jeffrey C (es) wrote: 2 hours is just too brief.